How to determine polarity when no cord is attached

EnowilJuly 10, 2014

I have a small hand held electric appliance that had a badly twisted cord (two wire 110VAC). I determined to replace the cord. I cut the cord. I sat the project aside. I had put the original cord in the trash in the meantime, and it was gone. Can you see where this is going already? Later I opened the appliance and unsoldered the remaining cord at the circuit board. I set the project aside again. Later I purchased a replacement cord, actually a three foot extension cord which I intended to use as a replacement cord. I then realized that the original cord had-had a polarized plug, same as the extension cord I intended to replace it with. Not having any part of the original cord to guide me, how do I determine the correct polarity so I won't wire it wrong?

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The link will give you some basics of wiring. The wider prong is the neutral, and the narrow prong is hot. In general, the hot wire should be the one going to the switch. Try to follow the wires in the appliance until one either goes to ground, or goes to a switch. The one to the switch should be hot ( narrow blade ) the one to ground should be the wide blade ( neutral )

Here is a link that might be useful: wiring

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