Washstand vanity in corner: should counter overhang?

dab07July 28, 2012

I'm making a washstand-type vanity which will go in the left corner of a small bathroom. I'm making it out of an old wood desk I took apart. The legs are turned wood, ie, don't have a straight, flat leg that will touch the wall. They have a slight taper towards the bottom. The counter is a 30" long piece of marble, which will overhang the cabinet an inch on the right side. BTW, I have two pieces of marble cut for the backsplash and left "sidesplash." I might not use the side one b/c, again, it seems oddly asymmetrical to have that piece of marble only on one side.

My question: Should I plan for an overhang on the left side too? If I do, there will be a 1" gap between the wall and the left side of the cabinet. It seems wrong to have that gap there. If the counter is flush with the side of the cabinet (no overhang), the cabinet's side will touch the left wall, but the counter won't be symmetrical. I can't tell if the turned legs are a factor. What do you think is worse, an asymmetrical cabinet or that gap?

Here are two pictures illustrating a gap. I couldn't find any showing a flush counter on the side against the wall.

second picture down, very similar to my cabinet design

click on image for better proportions

I'm at a loss here, and I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!

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I'd prefer not to see a gap, and I really don't think the overhang on one side only is a problem. I agree that the single side splash might call attention to the asymmetry, but people do that all the time.

If the gap bugs you, is there any way to put a small filler piece on the left side of the cabinet? It would allow the cabinet legs to stand away from the wall a bit, which might help. It doesn't cure the asymmetry, but maybe would de-emphasize it.

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You linked this picture.

The leg is not against the wall due to the baseboard. When you have a vanity, the baseboard doesn't go behind it (or on the side) so you don't have this problem. When you are using a table or desk, you still need the baseboard, so the legs don't go against the walls.

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Thank you both for your responses. I posted this on the decorating forum too.

I could put a filler piece there but the leg would still stand away from the wall. I can't visualize whether that would look weird.

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