What are your thoughts on Black bath tubs

loves2cook4sixJuly 5, 2012

It's either that or a white tub on a white tiled deck or so hubby is saying.

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Annie Deighnaugh

not a fan...all I can picture is a beautiful shiny black tub with soap scum stains....

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We did a white tub with black shower surround in our last house. It was absolutely stunning,(when clean) but the black shiny tile showed every single water spot and bit of soap scum. Maybe you could do white tile with black accents?

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It screams 1980s to me.

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I am not a fan at all. I am not trying to offend you, but they freak me out. I don't like the idea of water in something that I cannot see the bottom in. I also don't like that it isn't obvious if there is a spider in there.

I'm personally very weird about colored bowls. You can clean them all day, but they don't scream bleachy clean like white does.

I saw a beautiful home and the master bathroom had a black tub. It is a turn off and I would never buy a house with one in it.

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Well, in the mid-1980s in a different house we did have a black tub. It was a two person Jacuzzi and was so very comfortable. Water spots were indeed an issue, but we loved the way it looked in the bathroom (we had a bright red sink and a red stand-alone shower; everything else was white). I had not thought of this as being a product of the era, but perhaps so.

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I don't recall black tubs being any more popular in the '80s than they are now. Almond tubs on the other hand....

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Thanks for the ammo guys. All I needed to hear was spider but I'm sure the 80's comments will persuade dh of the error of his thoughts ;)

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I am definitely not a fan of the black thubs and requires a good cleaning after use.

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Ok, I love the color black and use it elsewhere in my home a lot (fabrics, furniture, decorative items, art, etc). However, I personally would stick to white fixtures: sink, tub, toilet. Especially in the case where you have a white tiled deck, I think your eye is going to go straight to the black hole of the tub. Is that really desirable? I would think you'd want to showcase the tilework or the size of the bathroom or a view if you have one.

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Sophie Wheeler

Only a masochist who is constantly cleaning all her(or his, if it's his bath) days would ever use black (or navy or forest green) fixtures in a bath. The tub shows scum and water spots. The toilet shows every bit of TP lint and "liquid" spots after every use and the sink has to be wiped dry after every use if you want it to be presentable.

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