Necessary to paint new ceilings?

avance7June 29, 2012

To make a long story short we are building a new home and alot of the work we are DIY. We are taking our time and paying for it as we go along.

The drywall guys just finished out "rubbed down" textured ceiling. My husband and I were going to prime and paint the ceiling but our contractor said there was no need to....very confused now? The ceilings looks great as they are but I just always thought they HAD to be painted.

Can someone enlighten me?

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Interior paint doesn't serve any particular purpose other than to look pretty. Theoretically, you don't have to paint any interior walls or ceilings. One could argue that paint on the walls makes splashes and food messes easier to clean which could be a reasonable argument based on the quality and type of paint used, but I'm sure you can understand the unlikely nature of food or splashing hitting your ceiling.

Personally, I'm conflicted about waiting though. If you have vaulted ceilings for example, it might be best to rent the scaffolding now and get it done while you put in the light bulbs, etc. On the other hand, personal areas such as bedrooms and closets can definitely wait. However, make sure that waiting doesn't turn into doing it next year and then next year, etc. until you just don't paint them what you originally wanted just because you got too lazy!

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Painting will vapor seal the texture and drywall and provide a more easily cleanable and odor free home. Unpainted drywall remains absorbent to humidity and odors.

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You will be happier in the long run.

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