Getting started on Christmas :) (a couple of sneak pics to)

milosmom_gwNovember 13, 2012

Hi girls. :)

First off , thank you so much to those who thought of me/commented on the loss of 2 of my dear furbabies. It's been a terrible time emotionally as this all happened at the same time my Mother had Rotator Cuff surgery. Stressful and heartbroken , a terrible combination.

My babies were cremated and have been returned home to me so though the fresh emotions are still there,and obviously with no other choice, I'm finding peace and some comfort in just having them here where they belong.

It's been a long 3 weeks but my Mother is in recovery therapy and finally healing/learning to cope being 1 handed so that's taken a load off of me as well. SDad has been able to really step it up and help her out so I don't have to be there daily to care for her and help do things. A blessing indeed!


Onward and forward as I always say , so that's what I'm doing.

I'm way behind as to where I'm usually at for holiday decorating at this time of year but this is a special year for my son (his last Christmas at home before he departs for College) so it's impairitive that I get to moving. My theme this year completely revolves around him so it's back to starting from scratch as I haven't done this color scheme before.

So far I have completed only the 4x4foot wreath for the front of the house & the 2 wreaths for the doors so I have a loooong ways to go yet. YIKES!

I've long complained that I didn't have a dedicated space to work on all of this stuff so my DH (Bless that Man!) helped me create a space all my own this weekend. We have a bedroom no longer in use so out went the bed and in come my stuff. lol

I have a pic but won't share it until my Christmas reveal as several things are strewn about that will give the colors away.

Anywhoo.... going to work on catching up to see what everyone has been doing whilst I've been hiding under my rock. :)

Ohh.... the sneak peek pics.

A tree of course...

and some stuff....

ok, I know that's not helpful but to the ones who regularly visit my threads, you know I have a sick sense of humor sometimes. :-)

It's good to be back and I hope you all are doing well. ((((girls))))

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Good to have you back, MM! Looks & sounds intriguing & wonderful to have 'space' for your creations!!! Sounds like healing has begun in your family. Lookin' forward to more posts from you! ~~Jeanne s.

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Hey M, I am so very sorry about your fur-kids. I just went back and found the post about that. (I don't know how I missed it before and I apologize) One loss is hard enough, but two so close...a lot of pain for you to deal with.

I'm glad you got good news with your Mom's healing and SDad helping so much. Your DH deserves some major kudos for you now having your own work space! ;o) That sounds wonderful.

And it seems you are going to have a special Christmas for your son! I am really looking forward to seeing what you're creating. You are definitely making some special memories for him as he embarks on a new stage in his life.

hugs, Karen

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MM, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better.
I glad your Mom is improving from her surgery.
I guess you know by now that your DH is a keeper.
The little tree is pretty, and I love the topper.
Is that gold ribbon I spy with my little eye??
Can't wait to see the rest

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milosmom, I too had to search back through older threads to see what happened. How awful! but at the same time, since they found the tumor, at least it saved you from having to make that most horrible decision. :( Wishing you better times ahead!

I love the potted tree! I saw one like it at Lowe's yesterday and was thinking it would be perfect in my dining room! I didn't buy it (yet) though. :)

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Nana: it is indeed gold ribbon and there's miles of it. lol

PM: You are so right. I spoke with the vet shortly after when I had a clearer state of mind and he told me given what they found , we would have very shortly been faced with "that decision". Losing him was bad enough, I dont know that I could have handled making the choice. It was hard enough to do that for Loli but I KNEW in my heart she was miserable and not being able to breathe is not quality of life. Today would have been little mans 7th birthday. :( I'm trying to think of him and smile instead of shedding yet more tears.

Today is start ramping up creating Christmas day so maybe it'll end up being somewhat productive.
Pics eventually... LOL

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Gosh, MM. I'm so sorry about your babies. I know it will take a bit of time to think of them without tearing up.

BUT - there's nothing like throwing yourself in a project to keep your mind working on over things. Can wait to see your progress. That big wreath sounds like it's a real focal point.

Keep showing little hints.


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last sneek peek (and I can't believe with my ocd that I'm showing such a mess , but here goes....)
The big box of greenery is my morning score from the TS , the whole box was 8.00 *woohoo*.
My little fur helper isn't sure what to think , but he can't go without his toys. lol

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Marlene Kindred

MM....I'm really happy for you getting a brand new workspace all your own! Looking forward to seeing your decorations too!

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Gosh MM..I too missed the post on the loss of your fur
babies. I'm so sorry to hear that. You can't help feeling they take a piece of your heart with them when they go..but do leave you with wonderful memories.

It's good for the spirit to get back in the swing of things and yes, a new project is just the thing!
Your 'sneak peeks'...look very interesting and I'll be standing in line with the others see the end results.

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Oh my MM, with this, all I can say is 'God doesn't give us more than we can handle, he helps us handle what we are given.'
Sending Big Hugs and Prayers to you & yours!

Sounds like DM is lucky to have a caring daughter. Great to hear SD is stepping up and taking some of your load off.

I'm so excited to see DS's tree set up. After watching the stand come together I'm thrilled the unveil will be coming soon. BTW, it's not nice to tease us like this. Your such a Brat.LOL

Try to keep your head up, smile and march on, girlfriend.


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