Juice Glasses, Decanter & Brassy Birds!

jeannespinesNovember 17, 2011

While grocery shopping for Tksgvg today, my DH & I stopped at a "Stuff" consignment shop for a short visit. I found these juice glasses & decanter ...I've been looking for juice glasses for awhile & these are perfect to go w/the Gabriel Pottery I got last yr at a GS. Anyone ever seen this pattern? They may be Libby or something or Walmart or whatever? The green is the same green as the cup Gabriel cup I'm showing in this pic:

Anyway, want to guess what I pd???? You won't believe ... price tag marked $3.99 for the 5-pc set but they were over 3 mos old in the store so were 80% off! Yup, I pd 80 cts!

My DH spotted this brassy bird (as he knows I like to decorate w/birds) ... so we brought it home, too $3.99. And we did get the grocery shopping done, too! LOL!

You'll see these glasses w/Gabriel Pottery, come Spring! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, talk about a STEAL. Did you feel a little guilty taking them at that price?LOL I've never seen this pattern. They are beautiful, springy and go so well with your Gabriel Pottery.WooHoo

Love the little brass birds. The one on the left looks like it could be a cardinal. DH has a good eye and I'm glad you brought them home even if they were more than your dishes. I have a set of 3 brass geese in my LR windown most of the year with another brass piece I received as a gift.

I'm glad you didn't let this shopping get in the way of buying your groceries for TG dinner. Bet you smiled all the way home with your neat finds today.


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I totally agree with Punk, LOL. About everything!
Congratulations on a very good day!

hugs, Karen

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Lucky finds, Jeanne
I'm looking forward to seeing the decanter and juice glasses on a TS with your Gabriel Pottery.
My DGS got brass birds similar to those when he was with me at a thrift store when he was 6 or 7 [he's 12 now]. He put them on the mantel at home.
I think they are still there.

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oh wow do I like those glasses and decanter and they look so good with you dishes. The price was incredible!!!!!! The birds were a nice find too - isn't it great to have an 'enabling' hubby :) .....


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Wow Jeanne! That Juice set is really 'jogging' my memory. I recognized the pattern right away. Someone in my family had a set like that. I always loved the pattern and 'the (frosted) feel' of them. Now this will drive me crazy trying to remember who had them. That was an amazing buy. You were definitely there at the right time to buy them.
Wonderful brass birds too - you have DH trained well. lol

I searched online to find that Juice set to try to help me a little more, to remember...I found them on Etsy and wait till you see the price!
Enjoy them...you did very well!

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Juice Set

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Marlene Kindred

You are one lucky duck Jeanne! What a beautiful set of juice glasses and decanter you found and what a steal!! Wow! Love your birds too....you had a good day shopping for sure and they match your dishes perfectly!

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

That kinda was like 'stealing,' almost! A bargain is a bargain! Thanks, jane, for that link! No brand name but that's the set & yes the decanter has a plastic lid like is pictured on Etsy...but I got 4 glasses! LOL!

nana & punk...sounds like 'brass' is in!! Esp if punk & nana's GS both still have them displayed! Love it! Jeanne S.

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I love the colors of the juice set. That. Is sweet dh found the bird, mine would have been rushing me in another direction! So he is an enabler, lol!

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I wrote a long response on Sunday, and my computer froze and wouldn't let me post :(, so great buys!!
I'm shortening this in hopes it doesn't happen again.
I like the turkey S & P's too!


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