Video of Mirabelle Edenton Air Bath for Those Interested

KevinMPJuly 4, 2012

I used my air bath for the first time today (despite having completed the renovation nearly three months ago).

Given the pain in the neck it is to find tubs locally and the interest on this forum in air baths and tubs for alcove locations, I thought I'd post this video so that you could see it in action.

This is the Mirabelle Edenton 60" x 30" x 20" in white. The pump is behind the backrest and is accessible through the pony wall. I used a chrome tap drain and Kohler Pinstripe Pure hardware. The video begins with the jets in "wave" format and I change it to full speed toward the end. (You can adjust the speed down, too.) Enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Bath in Action

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Kevin, thanks for posting that. I keep wanting to downgrade to a soaking tub to help with the budget, but I just don't want to give up the air bath. Seeing it in action helps a lot.

I was looking at the Edenton, but no side access panel, an exterior wall on one side, and the plumbing of another bathroom on the other, I can't go with it. It's a shame because the interior dimensions are so big. I will have to go with the Bradenton or Provincetown instead..

If you don't mind my asking, was the backrest comfortable given its angle? The Bradenton has a similar angle and I wasn't sure it would be comfortable to lounge in, but I like its looks better than the Provincetown. We are tall in my home and would need to slouch down.

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Thank you so much for posting this! I have been in love with this tub ever since I saw your reveal pictures and it really has a gorgeous shape. I'm considering getting it but am undecided about the details and features. This video was helpful!

May I ask you how loud it is? Is it any louder than a typical whirlpool or quieter?

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It's not quiet, but it's not really different from a whirlpool. There is audio in the video I posted.

As to the backrest, it's somewhat more upright than other models, but it's still comfortable. Unless you're short or have enough space for a 66-72" tub, I found that they were all too short, forcing you to sit more upright.

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WOW - I just realized it's almost 2 years to the day that you posted your video of the air tub - I'm finally ready to do my bathroom and really like the look of the Edenton.

First - do you still like it? I'm debating between the air tub or the soaker as well as the size. My space is limited and I'm only 5'2". It's hard to know what will be big enough but not too big once there's water in the tub.

I'd really value your input. I've attached the floorplan - not sure if that helps any. I'll also post that cause I really need help with it.

Again, I think your bathroom is lovely and you really went above and beyond the call of duty to post that video :)

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