best rotisserie chicken recipe on the CC?

boxtaJuly 1, 2012

not sure where to put this, so I am putting it here where I used to ask question when I was buying my CC

so got my CC short while ago, just tried doing a rotisserie chicken tonight... using the eurostoves video as a reference, I put the CC on broil and start to cook the chicken

but instead of a golden brown chicken in an hour as shown in the video.. my chicken turns quite black in less than 20 mins.... so i made change of plan, and turned the CC to bake mode and finish it off... the skin is kinda burnt and not crispy..but it's still tasty and yummy...

so what am i doing wrong?? do you guys do broil for an hour ? or do u do bake?? i suppose maybe some of my rub has some sugar in it.. so maybe that's why.. i may try a rub without sugar in it next time ..

but pleasure share your recommendations on how i can improve my cc rotisserie chicken cooking


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Hi boxsta, congrats on the CC. Your problem is definitely the sugar. If you want it sweeter, omit sugar from the rub and baste it at the end with a sweet glaze instead. If you're making two chickens, I recommend putting the thigh end of both chicken in the middle (butt-to-butt). That's where the broiler is hottest.

On the other hand, if you're doing a turkey, it will not survive the rotisserie even without sugar. For the turkey, you will have to do a combination of roast and broil. I've tried broiling first and then roasting. I think I prefer roasting to almost the desired temp first and then rotisserie at the end to finish and crisp.

Happy cooking and even happier eating.

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