canon digital camera disk

clairdo2February 14, 2011

Why can't i install this disk in my HP pavilion laptop?

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And this disk is? Software? Images already created on a disk? An unintentional misspeak instead meaning memory card? Please a little bit more information would help.


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ok i'll try. it's the software disk that came with the camera.Itinstalled fine in the old computer so i'm thinking there's something i have to do different with this computer...

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Ok now. Is it not auto playing or is it a case of opening up, but won't install?

Let's deal with not auto playing. Load the disk in the drive. Now in the system's Computer entry, formally called My Computer, look for the listing corresponding to the disk drive. Right click on it. Select Open on the appearing drop down menu. Results?

Also if the current system is W7, have you checked the manufacturer's website to see if the software is compatible? Particularly so if it is a 64-bit system.


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I haven't installed the camera software on my last 3 computers. I just put the card in the slot on the computer and click on my computer and open the drive it is on. Then I copy and post the folder to my desktop or just click and drag it over.

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thank you guess i will just put the card in, it's easier...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I always suggest not using any of the extra software that comes with cameras it is rarely needed and just adds more clutter and takes up space on the hard drive.

It is so easy to just use the memory card and the memory card slot on the pc or if it does not have a memeory card slot pick up a usb memory card reader they are very cheap. Then just move the pics from the card right to the folder of your choice on the pc.

My guess is that the software is not compatible with windows 7 64 bit if that is what the new pc is.

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