Mother Nature decorates AZ

PurplemoonNovember 5, 2011

Well after y'all listening to me about out endless summer..

its finally over! With a big bang! On Friday it was 81,

and then dropped 20 degrees as a major winter storm moved quickly thru the state. Last night we got hours and hours of heavy rain (now that was different! I loved it). We also had winds gusting to 50 mph, but no damage here. Temps will go into the 70s this week, so its officially Fall in Phoenix. Yayyyyyy!

Just for you guys who get the white stuff and freezing temps, here's what it looks like just TWO HOURS north of me today!! No wonder they call it the High Country. This is around Flagstaff.

then there's my yard... .;o) (planted winter rye grass 3 wks ago, it has just come in good and dogs are loving playing ball on it)

hugs, Karen

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Wow! I think I'd choose your backyard! (glad you got some good rain) ...& if you want snow, you can take a trip! Fall has arrived in AZ! Good news! Jeanne S.

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Karen, I'd take your yard over all that snow any day. Beautiful back yard picture. Can't believe you planted that grass 3 wks ago, nice and green. Your dogs look happy to be out playing ball in the nice weather.

We got some snow 50 miles south of us last night. Our Mission Range has alot of snow cover and it's beautiful. It's getting down in the teens at night so a little chilly here.


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I'll definitely take your backyard over the snow!!
I can't believe how much snow we have had already, and cold. We had thunder snow the other night!! Thunder and lightning and snow, wowza!
The dogs certainly appear to be "having a ball!"


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Marlene Kindred

I guess I didn't know that AZ got snow at all! Your yard is looking so green and the puppy dogs look very happy there!

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Marlene, both northern and southern AZ get snow. Those are high altitude, mountain areas. One place in N.Az often gets some of the nation's coldest recordings. An itty bitty place called Hannigan's Meadow. Phoenix aka Valley of the Sun is pretty much winter-free, but a 2 hr drive north or south means a huge change in weather.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you'll probably laugh when I tell you that I am another person that didn't realize that Arizona could get snow. I booked a family trip to Sedona in January about 15 years ago, so excited to see the Red Rock country. Yup, you guessed it. I woke the next morning and looked out the window to a few inches of freshly fallen snow! I was a little worried about how my husband would feel, seeing that he was missing his usual tropical island vacation away from Minnesota. Well, he got over it especially since it warmed up to about sixty degrees that afternoon. But I'll never forget it. We have since vacationed in Sedona again. Beautiful country.

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Beautiful Pictures!
But - 'Only from Afar' will I choose such beauty of the snow!
I too will take your lovely backyard drenched in warm sunlight...
along with those cute furry guys having fun!

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Neesie, I'm glad you visited Sedona. The red rocks are so beautiful. But they definitely do get winter weather as you found out. Sedona isn't far from where the photos above were taken.

(I know Candy and her DH love it there and vacation for golf, I just need to figure out how to meet her in person some day since I can't drive now.)

hugs, Karen

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I've been to Sedona twice over my lifetime ...& it sure is a beautiful place! Love all those 'artsy' stores ...which I didn't spend near enough time at! LOL! You do live in a lovely state, PM! I think you have the 'best' of both worlds if you can drive just 2 hrs. to get 'cold' when you want! LOL! Jeanne S.

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