Just an observation: Self healing screen/display

jerry_njFebruary 9, 2013

My circa 2007 Gateway Notebook with a 15+ inch screen has done some "self healing". This is a computer I keep under an end table in the living room to use when I'm in there watching TV...this time of the year often with a wood fire in the fireplace insert. About a week ago I slid off of the couch to the floor to reach the air control on the fire place insert. In the process I put a knee on the closed top of my notebook. I immediately recognize that wasn't a good thing to do an pulled back. Picking up the notebook and opening I discover the screen (not the class) had a crack from about the midpoint on the top down to the center where the crack split into two legs each ending in the bottom of the screen a couple of inches in from the left and right hand sides. The desktop was there, it just had this crack in it. But, when I open the browser which has a lot of open screen area showed that the cracks had on the top and left hand lower end what I will say looked like what you see if you use a fountain pen (remember those?) of too soft a paper and the ink balloons out form the line. This "ink" spread is black and pretty solid, and is over a 1/4" wide in some short length areas. I figure, this is the end, but I don't want to buy another notebook, I was thinking it was time to buy a tablet anyway.

I kept using the Gateway as I looked for used screen, used notebooks (found some good looking deals - but I haven't yet made the step to buying form ebay). I also used the Gateway to browse and get email and this required moving the display at times to get the area I wanted to read out in the open.

Well, after plunking along, and using a couple of hours a day the screen is starting to clear up, the "ink" spread is gone at the top portion of the screen with only the "ink" on the left hand lower section, almost out of the viewing way 90% of the time. Yes, the crack is still there, but is isn't a big viewing problem as it is a thin crack with maybe a little high-light to it, but no "ink" ballooning.

Interesting I think, maybe this is common for the technology that my gateway screen is made of.

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Good thing is, the ink hasn't leaked sliding and blinking obnoxious advertisements onto the floor, yet :)

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