Bits 'n' pieces... Additional decor and the house at night pics

milosmom_gwNovember 26, 2012

The little candle "tree" I found back in the summer from the SA store got a bit of a makeover from the red/white it originally was.

The re-vamped piece over the mirror and light fixture in the bath...

The big mirror and arrangement over the dresser in the bath...

The house aglow at night ...

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Oh gosh...makes me feel like Christmas!!! ...that pic of your house all a*glow!!! So lovely!

The blue & golds are great in your bath ... & love that white SA tree w/the cobalt blue candles! Quite unique! TFS, MM...looks like you're on a roll! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

It certainly is beginning to look like Christmas at your house! I'm really liking the blue and gold theme you're using the little candle tree!

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MM, thank you for sharing more pictures. What kind of candles are those blue beauties? Most of mine seem pretty plain compared to them. Enjoyed every bit of this tonight! I hope others will be able to enjoy your beautiful display. I love seeing homes all lit up on my way home from work.


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Wonderful find on that candle tree and you've made it look beautiful. Both bathroom arrangements look great, if I remember right, you do allot of your own florals. Lovely home all dressed up in Christmas splendor. Luvs

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Punk: The candles are actually a cheat. I took a plain blue gift bag, chopped it up and covered ordinary white candles in it. I've done that several times for colors that just aren't available. Of course this wouldn't work if one actually wanted to light them I don't think. Can we say "fire" , eek.

((Luvs)) , it's good to "see" you.Thank you! Yes, I generally do all of my own florals :). Very rarely do I find something I can leave alone. lol

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again MM - love the way you are carrying the color theme throughout the house - such a very clean elegant look - love how you did the candles and love that candle tree - good buy .....


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MM, well don't you just rock!!! Thanks..
Now I can have beautiful candles too.LOL


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Mm, Everything looks so...well Christmasy!
Your house looks beautiful with all the lights on.
What a treat for your neighbors.
the momster wreath is spectacular!

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Oh, WOW! I'm crazy about your house. Do you know when it was built? What character it has. And you certainly added to its curb appeal with all those lights and giant wreath.

Merry Christmas, OA.

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EVERYthing is just beautiful! Super find on that candle tree, and I love what you did with it. And your swag. The house all lit up definitely says Christmas is near. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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