Snowman Tree

christmascandyNovember 7, 2010

I made this tree in the early 90's.

He was on an HGTV Christmas special for about 5 seconds, but even so I had a lot of people ask about him.

He is made from a pre-lit artificial tree, fiberfill batting, lots of pinecones, faux berries, birds, icicles, and a piece of flannel fabric for his scarf.

He is standing on a 3 legged table with the legs cut down and the 2 front legs are in kids rubber boots.

His face is made of buttons and a faux carrot.

He also has lights inside his body and the 2 where his cheeks would be are red. The interior lights are on a flasher so the lights on the branches stay on all the time and the lights inside him flash on and off.

He is one standing by my childhood sled with a Christmas swag on it.



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He is so special - thanks for the description as to how you made him - I may not get one done this year but will definitely look for a tree that I can do the same thing - I am guessing that is around 5-6ft tall???? Did you remove the branches where the batting is?? - I just love him - TFS .....


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OMG!! That is the cutest thing. I love it!!


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That certainly is an ORIGINAL, candy! My gosh, alot of work! He is way CUTE! Ok, got to do you store him? My artificial trees I wrap sheets or flannel blankets around...he's all do you do that? He is certainly a KEEPER!!! I love snowmen! TFS the close-up pics! Jeanne S.

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I think he's so cute too and so original.
Jeanne asked all the questions I was going to ask...
so I'll wait on your ans to her.
Seems like alot of work to put him together, and
You did a great job.


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Lynne, The branches were attached to a ring stapled around the trunk, so every other ring I pulled the staples and dropped the ring to the one below.

The balls are made by using wire wreath forms in graduated sizes as the equator of the ball, and then wire clothes hangers cut up to hold the equator in place.
The batting then gets wrapped around and tucked into place.

The buttons are sewn on and I used a piece of wire to attach the carrot to the trunk of the tree.

There is also an extra piece of garland around the bottom to hide the tree stand.
The tree is about 4 1/2 ft. tall and then with the cut down table, he is almost 5 1/2 ft.

I just sit him on the table, so when the holidays are over, I take him off the 3 legged table, unscrew the table legs, stick them in the boots, remove the extra garland piece and put all of those pieces in a bag.
Then I put a plastic tree bag over Frosty and carry him to the basement.
That has worked for 17 yrs.

Glad you like him,

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Well, candy...he is looking darn good for a spunky 17 y-o!! Awesome snowman tree!!! Jeanne S.

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Simply AMAZING. What a terrific decoration. I've seen pictures of others, and in different sizes. But yours is the "bestest of all"!

Hugs, Karen

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Thanks Candy - gonna be on the lookout for a tree that will be easy to dismantle like that. I have the perfect porch for one like that .....


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That is too darn cute. You did a great job and I can't believe he is 17 either. I would give him a try, but just don't have room to store another whole tree.

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How clever and adorable thanks for sharing

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Candy, thought I posted to this but don't see it. I want you to know I think your snowman tree is adorable. Just another one of your wonderful creations.

I don't know what you do for work but I think you should consider a new career.LOL I'm so amazed that you made this 17 years ago and it still looks brand new. Love his little rubber boots.


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I agree with what all the other's have said, he is certainly adorable. It sounds like allot of work to make him, and it's wonderful that you are creative enough to think up how to do this! So glad he has held up so well all those years, I'm sure he has brought lots of smiles to everyone who sees him. TFS.


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Punk, I agree. Candy should give up her day job and become a Holiday Decorator. The rich folks would pay her good to do their homes! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Candy, You are so creative! That snowman is the cutest thing I have seen. I would love to try one, but like Frou, I can't think on any place that I could store him for 10 months out of the year. He sure is a handsome fellow-- he has won all our hearts. Can't wait to see all of your decorations. Janet

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Thanks for all the kind comments. I have had lots of people make similar trees after they saw him.
He was on the HGTV show so briefly, that I wasn't sure anybody really saw him. I naively thought if anyone was interested after seeing him on the TV show, that HGTV would contact me. NOPE!!
I didn't even know the HGTV website had message boards then. One slow day at work last fall I was looking at pictures on Rate My Space and saw a posting about a Snowman Tree. I clicked on it and the person said she was trying to make one like the one she saw on the HGTV show!!
I responded and found out message board members had been trying to find me since the show had been on!!
Needless to say, I sent out a lot of descriptions of how I had made the tree.
Then I started being a regular visitor to the message boards, and was posting pictures there when Karen found me and invited me over here. The rest is history, LOL
Now you can't get rid of me.


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Candy :
He's sooo adorable. I know I'm very late to this but I saw him when you posted, however my computer was doing weird things and wouldn't let me post so off to the shop it went.
I hope you don't mind that I snarked your idea and made an attempt to put together one of my own. It was the perfect way to pass the time I usually spend posting. LOL

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While looking at this snowman again I got a (hopefully) brilliant idea. I am going to try and do one with pumpkins and garland. My plan is to cover the pumpkins with the batting - stack them with plain green garland in between each section and secure them somehow without damaging the pumpkins and then add the berries, ect. Just rambling here but I will post pictures in early December if I am successful - lol .....


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That is so adorable. How did I miss that on HGTV? I'm not crafty so would need to see someone actually making it in order to try to attempt it myself. Very cute, you did a fabulous job.

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