Could you share your thoughts on this sketch of a new design

DougdevJune 28, 2012

I will be getting a house built soon, one of my friends from school is an architect so we sat down with him and told him some rough ideas of what we wanted and he came up with this. Let me know if anything stands out that you would want changed in terms of space sizes and alyout. It will be a 2 storey with 3 bedrooms still to go upstairs and possible a gym/workout area over the garage too. The basement will be finished as well with a rec room (sports stuff) and a bar downstairs too)

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It looks like you are off to a good start! Other than the attached playroom your first floor plan is similar to quite a few that you can find online, try searching plans for some further inspiration.

We started out with something similar to this, but after going to many open houses for ideas I realized I didn't want the kitchen in the center of the house. I prefer for at least one wall of the kitchen to be outside facing with windows. Though, having windows in the great room, kitchen and dining room means you end up adding extra square footage, so it was a trade off!

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These are personal preferences so you may feel differently...

1) I prefer a laundry room be located somewhere near the bedrooms/bathrooms so it doesn't have to be lugged up and down stairs all the time.

2) I'd want a window in the laundry room, and room for plenty of counter space for folding clean things, a laundry sink, room for a 5 ft long hanging rod (we hang tee-shirts to dry instead of putting them thru the dryer) plus room for an ironing board. A window makes the space more pleasant and allows you to sort socks under natural light (which makes distinguishing the black from the dark blue a whole lot easier.)

3) Is there a wall between foyer and kitchen? My kitchen is sometimes a bit of a mess and I would not want random strangers who happen to ring the front door bell to be able to see into the kitchen.

4) I would be concerned that the kitchen would be too dark. Even if open to dining room and great room, the kitchen is quite a distance from windows in those rooms plus, because they are shaded by covered porches, they won't get all that much light anyway.

5) Am I understanding that garage is a front facing 4 bay garage where you would park cars one behind the other? If so, if you don't have an alley exit, getting the inner cars in/out would be a bit of a PITA. Personally, I'd prefer a side-load garage if the lot is wide enough.

6) I'd want my wrap around front porch to be deep enough to be of use as an outdoor living space.

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