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luvstocraftNovember 7, 2010

Okay, this one is really for all the teachers on this forum. I thought of all of you when I saw this and then I thought "wait a minute, I have chalkboard spray paint too!"

Lynn, you might want to pull out a few more chargers from your huge stash after you see this. ;o)

I really want to find some of those chalkboard pens--how cool are those?

Oh, guess I'd better share the site before I tell you all about it. Here you go--let me know what you think.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chalkboard chargers

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WOW...lots of cool ideas on that blog!
Chalk up another one to Luvs! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I agree lots of cute ideas...
It seems like they keep coming out with so many new craft produts faster than you can keep up with!
Thanks Luvs...


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I LUV this idea!

I've never seen those chalkboard pens--they make the idea of chalkboard paint a lot more appealing to me...thanks Luvs, for finding this.

- Magpie

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What will someone thing of next. I can't imagine, but I bet it finds it way to this forum. Super idea.

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I wonder if you can wash off the chalkboard pens? I tried finding them at Michael's but they didn't have them in mine.
I would want to be able to erase and use for different holidays.
I think I will google it.Back to say, yes they wash off with water. Wish they had them when I was still teaching. I couldn't use anything but one kind of white or my hands dried and cracked.
Thanks Luvs!

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Kathleen, this blogger says they can be changed--it's chalk, just in pen form. I would not be nearly as artistic as she has been, I really love all the borders on the ones she shared. I looked for the chalk pens at Walmart while I was there today--couldn't find any either. Bet they will have to come from an online source. I have used the chalkboard spray paint, but I know it also comes in a can and can be brushed on as well. Not expensive and I think it would be fun! Luvs

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Fun site and thanks to Luvs, I've used the chalkboard paint out of the can, not spray. It could be easily repainted for a different occasion. For anyone who doesn't like to paint, what about using stickers to decorate them with?

Blue crackle pumpkin. What next??? Fun seeing all the creations. Thanks Luvs.


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