Program---Icon Restore?

marie_ndcalFebruary 16, 2014

In cleaning out some stuff, I found some information from questions and answers regarding this and other programs dated from 2010. Your opinion on this, needed? better? etc.I now have Windows 7, professional, and it does ask if I want to save the address of person sending--Also how safe is this.
Thanks to all
PS: how can I get spell check on my tool bar

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some information from questions & answers...what???
regarding this and other programs...what???

As much as I would like to help, there is nothing here for me to go on. nothing mentioned about what icon or which program.

safe to save the address of person what-where?

spell check on my toolbar...what toolbar in which browser????

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The name of the program is Icon Restore, recommended by Ravencajun in 2010.
As to spell check, in XP I had a icon (symbol) in the Google toolbar that I could check to review my work when I responded to a message for example in the forums.
As to saving the address, I get that message on the bottom of my computer, asking me if I want the computer to save the address in the computer. I then am suppose go to tools, to internet option, to connections then to a box (which I do not have) to ok the request.
Hope that clears up the questions.

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When I went looking for info about Icon Restore, what I found indicated that it is old software no longer being updated by it's creator and does not work reliably on a 64-bit system (your win 7 is probably 64-bit but your XP computer was not).

I had to go back to IE (which I almost never use) to discover that it does not HIGHLIGHT a spelling error in a forum post. Firefox does, which is one of several reasons why I don't want or need a toolbar. I have never needed a toolbar in a browser...they take up space unnecessarily, are confusing and not all that reliable and in general just a big pain. You would do well to learn to live without one, in my opinion. I suspect that spell check is in the just haven't found it yet.

When you say saving the address...I think you mean saving the address of a web page in Internet Explorer... then you should enable the MENU BAR and learn how to add-delete-organize web pages in your FAVORITES MENU.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Toolbar

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I use IE spell and it works very well. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: IE spell

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Went to Google toolbar etc, but now have spell check . Lost favorites bar, but I can get them by clicking the little star upper right hand corner.
OHHHH! Windows 7 is so much fun!!!
Thanks to all helping me out.

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