Thanksgiving Table - #1

slinkeyNovember 14, 2011

I guess it's either 'Feast or Famine' with me.

(I work good under pressure) !! lol

Seems like a good time to do a table. I hate to see a Holiday go by without acknowledging it.

For years and years, my SIL in NJ did Thanksgiving but no more.

The Gkids go with their Dad for most holidays..and

DH & I are pretty much loners now. My DF is still thinking about coming over. I think DD and her BF

will join us, I hope.

So this inspired me to do a table or two before it comes and goes and we are on to Christmas.

I'm finally using my $5 (box lot) of Independence China... you might remember I was at a TS and saw a small tureen that was stuffed in a box with newspaper...I asked how much the tureen was...the guy said the entire 'box lot' was $5!.. I bought it on chance, and had no idea that it was filled with the whole China Set!

Most of it in pretty good shape.

I paired it up with Myott 'Royal Mail' - Wilton Pewter and

of course CTS pumpkin bowls!

href="ät=Thanksgiving2011013.jpg"; target="_blank">e

I've collected the various candleholders from different TS.

href="ät=ThanksgivingTable2011018.jpg"; target="_blank">

I already had the Coffee/Tea Pot...and surprise..surprise, in the box lot, was 12 Cups & Saucers - also Sugar & Creamer (not pictured).

I already have another table in mind...see you then and thanks for looking!


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Jane, beautiful table as always. Great to see your finally using your $5 Independence China on a table. The cups have a neat shape don't they? Wonderful set you have now. I only have a set of the small plates but I love the size and shape and use them quite often on my tables.

I'm so glad you showed the last picture as it really shows off the true colors.Stunning!!! You say you work better under pressure. Is it that or are you finally feeling better??? When I don't feel good, I have a hard time getting started period!


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Ahhh, know I LOVE the Independence China as you've seen just the 'serving' pcs I have & coffee pot & cups! I am just lovin' how good your plates look in your stacked placesettings! The shape & color combo of the white Indep. plates with your Myott & pewter looks terrific!

And I bet those are the 2 sets of remote candles that you've used in those the holders...& all that candlelight! Compote (or gravy) bowl of fruit & your white turkey are centerpc winners along w/covered tureen! But those pumpkins, oh gosh, I'm coveting all the covered pumpkins I've seen lately on the forum...those are just gorgeous!

I'm sure you & DH will enjoy a peaceful Tksgvg tog & hopefully your friend & DD & BF will be there, too. Your t'scape is ready for the season! TFS, jane. Jeanne S.

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Just gorgeous! Pressure suits you. LOL. I remember when you got that box of china for just $5. I think it qualified as one of the Best Bargains EVER.

I too hope your friend, DD and her BF, can all be there to enjoy your lovely decor and have a festive Thanksgiving.
I just wish we had a few more weeks before the Christmas rush starts. I've never been so UN-prepared for it!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Punk...Jeanne and Karen...
Yes Pressure 'works' for me.. Since I stopped working with 'no schedule'..I've become too lax. When I'm under a deadline..'Look Out'! Of course, my family hates it...but hey, I'm the one under the pressure! I always say to DH..around the holidays..'I'm the one running around ragged, making sure everything is covered and everyone is happy.. and your role is to say - 'You're Welcome'!

Glad you all like the TS. I'm still blown away with what was in that box.

Punk, I too always loved the shape of the dishes and espec the cups.

Yes Jeanne...those are the remote candles..I'm just waitin for them to come in small votive size. lol always find the cutest this one too!

As far as my 'DF'...I'm sorry to give the wrong impression...meaning a 'friend'. I mean my Father !! lol


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Of course, your DAD!(DF) ... ok, he needs to be DD (darling daughter or dear dad)! LOL! Enjoy the holiday ...whoever can be there, jane! Jeanne S.

ps...I stopped at Pier I Import today & they had some of those (similiar) black lanterns ...sold separately ...big one (quite large) around $28 (I think) then $20 & $15 or something like I passed this time...I also saw some more octagon shaped 'red' ones that were cool but about the same price I'll keep one of those in mind when sale prices come! Yours look beautiful on your mantle posting.

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Slinkey,what a lovely table with your $5 dishes. I love the shape of those and the tureen and CTS pumpkins complement each other perfectly. I love how you have layered everything with the pewter and the Royal Mail dishes. The combination is stunning. Can't wait to see your next tabl! Janet

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Jane, you really do work well under pressure.
The Independence china is perfect, what a bargain.
Lovely table.

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Great combinations, Jane, you have such a good eye for how to use things together. Love your wonderful dishes and your collection of candlesticks too.

Know your Thanksgiving will turn out well--lots of love in the family even if they can't all be with you. ;o)


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LOL Jeanne...YES >> DF >> Dear Father! lol I thought about DD...but then thought 'no that's DDaughter' !! oh get the picture. I know the prices on those lanterns can be up there. Seems when something is popular they jack up the prices. Hang in there, I'm sure one that's priced 'sensibly' will come your way. I just found another one in White, at GW for $3 >>> so they are out there.

Thanks Janet..that $5 for the dishes wouldn't even buy me a 'Meal' at McDonalds!! lol best $5 I've ever spent >> and NO Calories!

nana...luvs - thanks for looking - enjoying what I did, and your sweet comments.


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How pretty! Love those CTS pumpkins with the blue and white, and the tureen is so pretty!
Off to see your other table!

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Marlene Kindred

Not sure how I missed this one, but your table is BEAUTIFUL! Love the pumpkins bowls! And your new dishes look beautiful with the blue. Very elegant looking setting.

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