Is this reasonable for a small silestone vanity top?

vp_78July 7, 2012

Hello all - We are remodeling a small bathroom, and we just got a quote for a silestone vanity top. We are looking at blanco maple, 25" x 22", and we have been quoted $400, plus another $80 for the undermount sink. Does this sound somewhat reasonable? Pricey? The company from which we will buy it will come out, measure, manufacture and deliver, plus they will install for another $50 if we want them to. We like the company, and they get great Yelp reviews for what that's worth.

It's going to be our splurge in this particular remodel, for sure, as it will be more than every other component (tub, toilet, vanity). Other than this, we've managed to do this on the cheap and get some good sales. But I don't want to spend more than it's worth.

Would love opinions.... :)

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Depending on where you live (proximity to a major metropolitan area, etc.) I don't think that sounds too unreasonable. We're paying $900 for material and installation of an 85" x 22" Quantra quartz counter with 2 sink cut-outs. We'll supply the sinks (Toto Rendevouz with Sanagloss which were around $100 after discount.). We had the hardest time finding a fabricator in our area (SE Michigan) that had a remnant of the color that we wanted. I was looking at having to buy a whole slab...yikes!

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It sounds very reasonable to me. We paid $350 each for 2 vanity tops (36" x 21") that were cut from a remnant of a slab. Sinks we're included, as we're backsplashes, but it was a granite they sell a lot of. Quartz is always more than granite, so $400 sounds like a good price.

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