5 panel interior doors

ILoveRedJune 17, 2014

I love this door. I have Trustile- 2 panel, in my present house and I was looking at the 5 panel door on the Trustile website and noticed that they classify this style as Contemporary, Craftsman, and Modern. Huh?

My house will be none of these styles.

Does your interior door style match the style of your house? Who knew?

Here is a link that might be useful: Door link

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Panelized doors reduced the movement across the grain so multiple panels were used in the earliest doors. 5 panel doors were very popular in the Victorian era. The number of panels doesn't necessarily denote an architectural style but the sticking and panel design might.

Here are TruStile's options for a 5 panel door:

Available Sticking Options
OGâÂÂ-"âÂÂRoman Ogee
SSâÂÂ-"âÂÂSquare Stick Sticking
OSâÂÂ-"âÂÂOne-Step Sticking
BVâÂÂ-"âÂÂBevel Sticking
QBâÂÂ-"âÂÂQuarter Bead Sticking
QRâÂÂ-"âÂÂQuarter Round Sticking
CBâÂÂ-"âÂÂCove & Bead Sticking
LPâÂÂ-"âÂÂLow Profile Bolection Moulding
BMâÂÂ-"âÂÂBolection Moulding
BBMâÂÂ-"âÂÂBig Bolection Moulding
QMâÂÂ-"âÂÂQuirk Moulding

Available Panel Options
AâÂÂ-"âÂÂRaised Panel
BâÂÂ-"âÂÂScoop Panel
CâÂÂ-"âÂÂFlat Panel
DâÂÂ-"âÂÂDouble Hip Panel
EâÂÂ-"âÂÂSenior Raised Panel
FâÂÂ-"âÂÂSenior Bevel Panel

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Consistent styling in your whole home choices is what keeps a home from feeling "off" and not really being able to place your finger on "why".

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We are doing doors like that too and I LOVE them. I mainly chose them b/c they are like doors that are in older homes and wanted to do that new "old" look.
What is the style of your home?

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R8---I had to read your message twice. I had no idea there are different options available within one choice ie: 2 panel door. When I ordered 2 panel doors for this house ten years ago I thought I had done my homework but I know I was not presented with different options for this 2 panel door. What do you think this one is? So do you think I can use a 5 panel door if I choose the correct option out of your list for the style of my house?

LWO--I'm probably going to retain someone to give me a little assistance with making some of those choices. A lot of the knowledge on this board is more helpful when it comes down to these kinds of choices. You have given a lot of good advice :-)

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Tulips--that is why I love them. I love the look of anything old. I would have a house full of antiques if my dh would go along with it. I don't know what style to call my house. A long narrow house with a lot of stone and some shingles. I'm trying to find a stone that looks old. What style is your house? Here's a pic of a 5 panel door that I put in a office renovation. Unusual for an office but I did the whole office in more of a residential look. This brand is the Masonite Safe and Sound. Very affordable.

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We some craftsman details on the outside but the inside I didn't want to go crazy with the craftsman theme, I just want it to have details that an old house would have, like shaker style cabinets and the 5 panel doors and the flat trim with the crown molding around the tops of the doors and windows.
The doors have made a huge difference and I love them.
Sounds like you are trying to do the older look to and these doors fit right in....LOVE them!

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Very nice tulips!

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They were hung in my house yesterday (1920's cape cod). You can get raised or flat panels. Love, love them!

Sorry, it was a tiny pic - not sure how it ended up so huge.

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great thread, red! I love these doors too :) Have even thought of collecting a bunch at our local architectural salvage place. I've seen them in there for $25 but caked in old paint and without the door jambs, so I'm not sure dh would be thrilled with the amount of work needed to make them work.

tulips - I love your doors! Do you mind sharing your source? were they super expensive? what kind of sticking did you use?

I think I prefer the flat panel myself, but there's too many options!

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I'm pretty sure our builder got them from Stock Building Supply. So you could call them and ask who makes them. They were only $10 more per door than whatever the builder basic 2 panel door costs but b/c our builder buys so many doors from them he was able to get them for the same price.
What is "sticking"?

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Mdln--love your doors. They are flat panel, correct? This is the first time I had even considered flat panel. I think I like them better too. Maybe a more classic look. My raised panel doors collect a lot of dust.

I wonder if the flat panel might be more affordable too.

Laurensmom--is the salvage place you are talking about off of Neil? Would it be worth my time to make a trip? Thanks!

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Laurensmom--I wish I had a close up pic of the safe and sound that we used in the office. You can see that there is no "sticking" . I don't even know if I am explaining this correctly. The door is all one piece. But, it is a very attractive door and and solid. And...much more affordable than the Trustile which we used in our house 10 yrs ago. So, if this is where someone wants to save a few bucks...might be a good option. Does that make sense?

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These were on e-bay!

Yes, I did flat panel as I liked the more simple look and it better matched my flat panel kitchen cabinets. BTW - the pic is not my door, just wanted to show what flat panel looked like. Sorry, the size blew up and distorted the image.

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Oh for Johns sake! Do you have a link?

Are your doors recycled or new. They are gorgeous. Did you have to refinish them?

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mdln - gorgeous doors! I love those! Would it be hard to get doors like that to fit a door jamb though? Of course, we are diy-ing everything so if you're paying someone else then it doesn't matter I guess.

red - yes! that's the place I was talking about. They are hit or miss - sometimes they have tons of cool stuff and other times - nothin'. I can scope them out for you if you're looking for something specific. Door sizes are always allover the place, but the prices are great :) send me an email if you'd like me to check them out for you.

tulips - thanks for that info. Unfortunately, we don't have a Building Supply in our state. But I'm sure I could find something similar. Good to know they weren't too much more expensive. Are they mdf or pine or something else? The 'sticking' refers to what Renovator posted above. Basically, it's the trim piece that fits closely to the panel (I think?) it can be cove, ogee, flat, etc... lots of different choices.

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ours are like tulips but they are 4 panel instead of 5. Flat panel.


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Illinigirl--love the 4 panel too. Thanks for showing another pic of the flat panel. And I love the detail of the trim at the top of your doors. When you get a chance can you post a close up? Thanks

Laurensmom--thanks for the offer but I wouldn't have a clue. I just need to go there myself and see what they have. I have driven by that place millions of times and been curious. Now I have a reason to go.

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Illinigirl-- can you give me some info on your 4 panel door? I'm having a hard time finding this door! Thx:)

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I'm reviving this old post because I was wondering, how do you all find it is to clean these doors? Does dust accumulate heavily in the panel "grooves"? I love the look - just don't want "one more thing" added to my cleaning list unnecessarily ;-)

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Great timing, just used swifter hand duster on them. One apartment I lived in had flat panel doors, don't think I ever dusted them. Yes, there is more detail that does need occasional light dusting.

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we've been in our house for 4 1/2 months and our doors aren't dirty yet

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Illinigirl-- love your four panel door! Would you please share your source?? TIA

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Mom2su - I found 4 panel doors at simpson and trustile. Both with high upcharge in comparison to the 5 panel. So still looking! 4 panel is my fave :)

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Thanks so much!

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