Electrolux Wave-Touch Series EW30EW55GS

doctheokieJuly 14, 2013

Looking at an electrolux oven and wanted opinions on this one and if you put a advantium with it which one? DH driving me crazy we were decided on the GE monogram oven and advantium until he saw the low rating on Consumer Report.

DH liked the Turbo Chef but we haven't seen any reviews on them and the price is High with no real reviews.
Thank you in advance for any help can't keep putting off the KD on our cabinets.

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That Electrolux is a fine bang for the buck oven at $2k.

If matching handles on your Advantium is important to you and worth ~$800 go with Monogram ZSC2201NSS if not go with Profile PSB2201NSS. The results for the cheaper 120 v version is closer to MW than speed oven and is really not that much faster than a convection oven.

The issue here is if you use it as a primary MW you may damage the magnetron within 5-10 years and it may cost upwards of $1k to fix. A lot cheaper if DH can remove old magnetron and install new one himself.

Here is the review from the one TurboChef owner that is also a GW member AFAIK elizpiz from three years ago

I can give you lots of feedback on the TC, but the most critically important piece for you is that we DO NOT use the self clean feature for the speed oven - and in fact were advised by the TC folks themselves not to use it!! (long story cut short is that we had a TC technician from Dallas install the oven, and he was the one who told us this).
There have been various threads about self cleaning ovens in general and you may want to start a thread about that here and x-post to Kitchens. It seems many do not use the self clean feature. So, if that is important to you maybe it should be your starting point.

As to more general feedback (warning! this is long!), here's an excerpt from an email that I sent recently to another GW'er asking about our TC. Important to note is that ours is the first model off the block, and I am sure that TC has continued to refine the ovens based on consumer feedback.

We are a two person household. But we do entertain a lot and cook frequently during the week.


- I love having two wall ovens. The convenience and ease of preparing food for entertaining is great. I would imagine that would hold true for a family of four, for instance.

- There are some dishes that are now TC standbys for me, the most popular of which is roast chicken. I can roast a stuffed chicken in less than 30 minutes and it is DELICIOUS. Cooking fish in the TC is also something we do frequently, as well as roasting veggies, which take a fraction of the time. I've also made quick breads with great success, and rack of lamb - something we do less frequently - is a breeze.

- Overall, I would say that all of the food we�ve cooked in the speed oven is excellent

- From a pure aesthetic perspective, I love the look of the ovens, and I also think the fact that the oven door colour can be customised is a pretty neat feature. There are about 190 RAL colours to choose from and although it may not be obvious, our red is custom - the "standard" TC red is brighter and we wanted a deeper, almost cherry red.

- The conventional oven is excellent


- Cleaning the speed oven is a nearly impossible task. The extreme high heat means that the ceramic plate at the top of the oven is constantly "dirty". Now by this I don't mean that bits of food are sticking on it; just that the plate is completely darkened. With the extreme high heat that oven reaches, I am not concerned about whether that is a problem, but it is definitely a consideration if you are a clean freak and like things to look as you bought them. This definitely doesn't. BTW, the oven sides are also affected by this but less so. I do two things to clean the oven: first is something I read about on GW, and that is to leave a small bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight. The fumes flake away the residue on the top and sides and don't harm the plate. I also bought some cleaner directly from TC. It's not something they advertise or talk about on the residential site, but if you go to the commercial part of their site, they have all kinds of info about all of the products they sell (I bought extra oven racks for the bottom oven as well, for my Christmas baking marathon).

- The bottom oven is the same to maintain as a regular oven no issues. But note we don't use the self clean feature there either

- After more than a year of use I've come to the conclusion that the speed oven is really designed for ppl who either don't cook frequently or who are less confident with cooking. In other words, it's highly pre programmed and even though TC touts the fact that you can adjust settings for your favourite dishes, it is only but very small increments way from the presets. This hasn't created a problem, as I can always find something that is close to what I want to cook and you can stop/alter the cooking process along the way, but it bugs me that I can't adjust the temp settings more.

- And speaking of temp settings, because the bottom oven dial is analog rather than digital, there isn't the fine increments of temperature that there might be in another model. For example, there isn't a 225F, 275F or a 475F setting.

- The fan is LOUD and the oven takes a while to cool down. If you eat in the kitchen (as we do), it can be annoying. Even more so if you have guests over

I guess the bottom line is: would I buy them again? I would certainly put TC in my consideration set. I love the speed of cooking esp when I have several things on the go. The bottom oven is excellent and I use it more frequently. I look the look, and the few times we've had to deal with TC for service issues they've been great. At the same time, I would also consider more closely other speed ovens the Advantium for instance, or Miele. If you have the opportunity to test whatever you buy "live", that I think would help. We did see a demo of the TC, and that helped sell us (3 min roasted cauliflower that was addictive!). Regardless of model FOR SURE I would go the double oven route love that!


BTW Nerd methods of evaluating appliances at CR is overrated IMO their comparing defect rates of standard appliances to luxury appliances is invalid due to the different standards of accepting claims against their warranties and length of warranties.

eg Miele Optima dishwasher, which is highly rated by owners here, was rated dead last from over 200 dishwashers.

30" Bluestar RNB almost universally beloved by their owners was rated near the bottom, second to last in one report. There 22k btu burner was rated half a red star for high heat, good but not great. And high heat is the one thing we know for a fact was superior to all ranges they tested.

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