solid surface floor and tiled walls??

eaglemom100July 7, 2008

I am having a hard time deciding exactly what to do here. The master shower is ready for a redo - and soon. I started off thinking cultured marble was the way to go. I just wish our only store has better choices - they all are not my style. They suggested the trustone - I'm too on the web at the colors and they will make it. I said no way would I look at a 2x2 color square on the web and have an entire shower made. I could go with cultured marble white, but, frankly it seems too dull for me - although nice. So...........tile. Of course I worry about grout, etc with tile. Does anyone have any pictures (or tell me where to look) of a tiled shower with a solid surface base? I'm not good with decisions and this is causing some "issues" in our household!!!

One other note - a neighbor sent me to a bath store for fixtures. I looked around and picked what I thought I'd like for the master bath - $2771.31. I was not expecting that, for sure. I said "have to think on it" and left. I did look them up on the web and I'm going to change my taste - they were still just at $1900. I don't think so.

Pic's anyone of solid surface entire shower, or solid surface floor with tiled walls. Or, am I just being too picky here. Augh!!!!!!!!!!!

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I used a custom corian base with tiled walls. The corian color is "silver birch" which looks a lot like terrazzo to me (it's hard to tell in the pics though). I have so much white in my bathroom I didn't want to try to add yet another white surface in. I have a couple of pictures but they are not that great, it's hard to take pictures of such a small space. Here is one while it was under construction, so the base is filthy, but you can get an idea of what it looks like:

Here is a picture of the finished shower that shows a bit of it too:

I basically didn't want the maintenance and upkeep of a grouted shower floor and I didn't trust anyone I could find around here to build one that wouldn't leak so I went for the solid surface. The bench is also a slab of corian, it was a fraction of the cost of stone.

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WOW!! Lisa, I gotta tell you, that is impressive!! I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna steal that niche idea!! That is SHARP!!

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Thanks, that looks great. Gad, if I would / could only make up my mind. That niche is great - on my must have list. Now all I need is a shower to put it in!!!

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Here's a completely Swanstone shower:

And a shower with Onyx base and tile walls:

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I was at the exact same place as the original poster.

We finally went with a Kohler cast iron pan ("receptor") and tiles walls. I'll post some photos when I get home tonight.

To be honest, I'm still a little leery of the tile walls (a major leak created this "opportunity" to remodel the toilet/shower area), but I really really like the way it is looking (tile work is done, door and fixtures yet to be completed).

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I love seeing pics of your bathroom- so envious of that bath tub!

What size is your neo-angle shower? We're getting ready to start with Bathroom #1, and DH wants a neo-angle, haven't seen any larger than 42" in person, hubby wants a 48".

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Thanks, Bill! What do you find impressive about it? I'm kind of confused since I'm pretty sure it was inspired by stuff you've already done, like using the chair rail as a frame. I did use a little piece of corian as the shelf - the place where I got my shower base fabricated it for around $10. The shower bench top was around $75. The base... a small fortune :-p.

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Supriseremodel, I am really looking forward to seeing your pics of the cast iron receptor with tiled walls - I am having a heck of a time getting this receptor installed because no one in New Orleans has ever seen one (or I haven't found anyone - but I have run off a whole yellowpages worth of plumbers!)

Any chance you have a glass panel or frameless door assembly?

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I'm so sorry this took so long. Finally found time and couldn't find camera with card in it until now.

Here is our almost done shower (Kohler Salient receptor in biscuit). We are having a local glass company do the glass wall/door. A semi-frameless with a fixed section and then a door on the right side. Finish plumbing will go in on Monday (except 1 shower head I ordered from Westin at Home got delivered to someone yesterday, but not me)! We're doing a double fixed shower head on 1 side (from Westin) and a Kohler handheld on bar on the other.

We had a little trouble at first because it was going to be weeks to get a plain white one. We asked what neutral colors were available and biscuit was the quickest and it's fine for us. Our GC was unfamiliar with them, but really liked the idea and the product.

And just for "fun", here is our old shower with the beginning of the demo. Another poster coined a similar shower "the germ cave" and it fit.

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PS - we got our receptor/pan via Ferguson

Looks like they've got a location in N.O.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ferguson in La

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Thanks, Bill! What do you find impressive about it?

The stark contrast. it makes for a terrific design element! I'm a big one for contrast. I like to see one element set the other off.

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raehelen: Our shower is 60"x60" neoangle.

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