White Pumpkin and Blue Table

kathleen_liNovember 10, 2010

Here's my table for this week.

Thanks for looking!

OA, if you see this, the answer to your question is that is is a candle shaped like a squash. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumpkins with Blue

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Lovely...as always. I really like the bubble glasses, and an amazing buy on them. Your white pumpkin bowls are definitely the prettiest ones ever made.

I know how you dread winter, and the short days. I am sorry your summer is over. I can relate since I have the same feelings..but for summer here. Tho not short days, the opposite. Sun up at 5am and not dark till nearly 9pm! Our weather is finally perfect right now! Low 70s days, and high 40s at night. You'll understand when I say how great it is to be outside again.

hugs, Karen

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I do understand, Karen, and I am happy you get to be outdoors again.
I don't mind the cold, don't love it, but hey, it is NY! It is the lack of daylight that bothers me. By 4 o'clock it is getting dark, and I don't like driving anymore in the dark.

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Kathleen, beautiful table and I like the blue and orange together for a change. Great buy on the orange leaf plates. You always do such a nice job layering your dishes and have such a wonderful selection.

Your choc. chip cake with ice cream and choc. syrup looks fab. That pumpkin pan is neat and your cake looks yummy. I've never seen a sifter like that but looks like it worked great on the cake.


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Just me popping in again to post a comment here.
Lovely...lovely table Kathleen, as always.
You never disappoint.
Seems now that whenever I see those pumpkin bowls, I can't help think of Betty and how excited she was to finally have her own. I miss her and hope she and Albert are well.

Karen & Kathleen... I DON'T DO - Hot/Humid weather...and,
I DON'T do COLD well either. Both affect my Lupus and my mood. I hate being cold and having to wear several layers of clothing to feel 'comfortably warm'. Ugggg
Kathleen I agree with not liking to drive in the dark... I also hate that it's getting dark so early because you feel the 'Day Is Over'!...I'm a Sun Person. (I'm not too demanding am I)..lol
Karen, on the other hand...too much of one thing isn't good either...Like too much Hot Sun, but your weather sounds just right now...I can hear you humming and see you smiling, as you go outside to enjoy it!!


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kathleen...I always admire the skill of how you add things to your t'scape in such a subtle way...like adding the dark blue textured pottery pitcher between 2 place settings that mirrors the pattern of your napkins... or the shape of the glass stemware mirrored by the glass peppermill...the white pumpkin bowls & the centerpc, the leaves of the pumpkin bowls & the leaf shape of the underplate for the bowl...I could go on & on.

Anyway, your table is lovely, lovely...& the linens are just beautiful...the colors you used are perfect & I love it all! And such great $$$bargains, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Kathleen... another Stunning table.
Those cupcakes look delicious.
Great for a special occasion.

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Another outstanding success. Blue and white is always a favorite of mine, I think I did Blue Willow last Thanksgiving. The warm colors look nice as an accent too and I love the napkins. And don't get me started on the white pumpkin bowls and how jealous I am. I, too am not looking foward to winter and early darkness, but I'm too busy to think much about it.

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First off, I have to agree that your white pumpkin bowls are the prettiest I've seen. Love how there are extra little leaves on them. I would not have thought to use blue/white with the orange/gold items, but you sure made it work well. Your food always looks so good and you come up with such a variety. That new pan is really neat. I looked at some of your other posts and just want to tell you that chicken fried steak used to be a staple for us Missouri/Californians but now that cholesterol/weight is an issue, we rarely have it anymore. Ours was always the white gravy version. ;o) Loved all your wicker pieces and how lucky to have friends/neighbors who bring you more pieces when they find them! So glad you are finally feeling better too. hugs, Luvs

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The table is very pretty...love the cloth!!
A Texan would tell you that Chicken Fried Steak MUST have cream gravy!!! Yummo!
(I DO use onions in my cream gravy though....I just don't let them brown enough to become........................brown gravy :^)

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Marlene Kindred

Gorgeous table!! Love the pumpkin bowls and the color scheme is just so soothing and lovely!

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Thank you ladies, I do appreciate your comments, and Jane you do double!

I guess we just have to deal with the few months . Nothing we do except move! :)

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Kathleen, such a beautiful table. I love those little white pumpkins too. Sure wish we had a CTS close , Your leaf dishes and the napkins are charming too, Don't be surprised if "our bus" doesnt stop at your house one of these days and we all show up for dinner, you make it look so inviting. I don't like winter either, but it has been just right today, except for having a huge frost on my car this morning. I love the changing seasons, but in the heat of summer or the dead of winter, I tend to be a complainer--just can't be satisfied ,I guess. I always enjoy your blog. Janet

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Janet, thanks so much, and I am so glad you enjoy my blog! :)

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I love the table! It is so well done and I especially like the layering. I think it always makes the table look so much better. Warmer for sure.

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