Rainwater collection system

balor123June 29, 2012

I've asked the builder to minimize downspouts if possible to allow for future installation of a rainwater collection system. Given how small my lot is, I'll probably want the tank to be underground. To get the water out I presume I'll need a pump and for that I'd need electricity - is that correct?

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I believe that's correct, and you'll also need some sort of a filter system. You could also use solar panels instead of electricity itself.

Lets be a bit frank here, though. The only thing you would use your rainwater for is to flush your toilets. It would be much more economical and much less maintenance if you just purchase extremely low flow toilets with dual flush systems. The installation, upkeep, etc. of a rainwater collection system for a small home just doesn't seem worthwhile to me. Furthermore, I'm not sure where you're located, but water is probably one of our cheapest resources available. I would spend the money on solar electricity over a water collection system. You also need to check with your state and county to make sure you can collect your rainwater. Some places have ordinances saying that you can't.

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What do you envision using the rainwater for? We have a rainwater collection system that we use just for watering the garden, plants, landscaping, etc. We have a pump that we use with an extension cord, so there is no need for an outlet near all our collection barrels.

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The home is 3500sf and has a footprint of a little over 2000sf. It is located in Austin, TX so it's not all that cheap there. I was thinking of using it for the lawn, since to conserve water the city only allows watering once a week. It doesn't apply to rainwater however. I think the city even has a rebate for the systems right now - up to 50% of the purchase price.

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balor....you might want to read the same type of thread over at greenbuildingtalk.com There is ALOT of info on that thread and toward the end..9 pages I believe..the payback is decades!

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Thanks for the reference. With the rebate the payoff seems decent right now. We're supposed to have drought resistant landscaping so perhaps we won't need it. However, Texas is growing really, really fast and from what I read rates are already rising pretty quickly so I think the payback period is getting shorter. I'd like to be ready for that inflection point when it comes if it doesn't cost much :)

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