Missing a lot of our gang....

PurplemoonNovember 12, 2011

NanaKaren, Lynninnewmexico, Oldalgebra, JIM, DiningDelight...hope everyone is ok and just busy. If you're lurking, please check in and let us know how you are.

(DD, I do check your blog but still miss you HERE!)

And I keep hoping Judith with her gorgeous decorating and tablescaping will come back to us!

And in my current "brain fog", forgive me if I've missed some names. That doesn't mean you aren't missed!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas looming, I would love to see everyone back again.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...funny that you should mention those who've been MIA..I was just thinking of Magpie the other day and hoping she's okay.

I know since some have started their own blogs...it's hard for them to double post...but do hope they drop in to say hello...
You guys are missed!


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I forgot to mention Frou! I checked on her during the summer and of course she was spending her time outside as I'd figured. But was hoping she'd be back by now too.
Glad you remember Mags, Jane. I have such problems with short-term memory loss (thank you Fibro) that names can be difficult for me at times. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them out in this post.

hugs, Karen

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How 'bout the TX lady...the one who planned the parties for her church ladies? Whenever she posted, I knew I would feel right 'at home' in her house! Is her name, jaybird? I've lost it right now. Anyway, with Christmas holidays around the corner, hoping to hear from her, too! Jeanne S.

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Karen, hope this will let all know how much we miss them. I'm so thankful that Luv's encouraged me to come here. She has so much on her plate and Bless her heart she's always here when she can be for all of us.

This is such a wonderful place to come and share with friends. I know I have some days that are tough but I can always count on a laugh or beautiful setting to brighten my day.

Thanks for this post for all who's MIA. It's been along time since we heard from Betty too. Seems like Nana hasn't been here as much lately either. Are you OK Nana?


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Ha ha, Karen, you didn't have to mention me, cause I came back! LOL

I was thinking how small the group is too, since I've been back only see the same 7 or 8 people still here.

I also was thinking of some posters name that I hadn't seen since back, but can't remember now, I must have Fibro too!!

I have never been good with names, but phone numbers, I can remember them from my childhood when we didn't have area codes. Can remember my best friends number still and my old home phone number & first one I had when married!

Isn't that weird??

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Tam, Gypsy, but once she started her blog, I think she got too busy with that.

Dream Goddess, I think she has a blog too.

And the one I was thinking of, you already mentioned, Old Algebra.

JUDITH, hope you are well, hope you make an appearance for Chritmas.

Thank you Kathleen for always rembering us, even though you have such an active blog!!

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oh...how about party-music & like you mentioned excessfroufrou ...miss them both alot...so talented & shared so much!

Would probably be a good place to put a link to our Holiday Inspiration Albums that you put so much hard work into, Purplemoon, with new photos & ideas from all of us & other sources. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Decor Inspirational Albums

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And...also the 'Tablescapes Holiday Forum Album" ... my fav, too...in case anyone wants to bookmark or has time for some inspiration! Thanks, Purplemoon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tablescapes Holiday Forum Album

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Didn't a couple of these gals move from one house to another in the past year or so?? I have thought about Judith several times - I think (and I could be wrong) but wasn't she moving and doing major renovating. If it is the same Judith from VA she was the one who had the beautiful pink Christmas tree and was a strong 'enabler' and great teacher in how the 'glam' up our trees. I am terrible with 'real' names of people I have actually met and even worse with internet names. Each gal/guy is missed because of the unique twist in decorating they bring to the forum - if you are lurking come back out and play with us :) .....


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Judith posted on the home dec forum a couple of weeks ago.

I think she said something about her computer being broken.

I do hope she will be back along with the others!

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Marlene Kindred

I emailed Frou back in the summer because she is on the Garden Junk forum too...which has been painfully slow for the last couple of months. She had been traveling and camping and just plain busy. Hopefully, when the weather turns cold, some of our people will return. As for me, I've decided I need a new camera....or maybe it's the photographer. I need lessons from Jeanne!

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Dawn, thanks for the Judith update. I have emailed NanaK, Frou, and OA. I plan to email Lynninnewmexico soon as I find her email. Thought it was in my files.

Jaybird, in TX, hasn't been able to join us in months cause
her computer server won't let her on Garden Web any longer. Dang.
She just emailed recently and is doing fine. But I sure miss her here with us.

And I just remembered we haven't heard from LG (LuckyGal in Canada in quite some time either.)

I'll let you know if I hear any news.
hugs, Karen

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When you mentioned Canada, it made me think of our lady from Belgium, can't think of her name, but she was such a sweetie too!

I have tried to email Judith, she was the one remodeling her home and she had computer problems going way back. The only email I had was her work one & for some reason it throws outside email to her junk file & if she doesn't check it often, she misses my emails.

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I am here I've been having Technical difficulties GRRRR!
Hope to catch up and get some pictures posted soon
Thanks for thinking of me. It means a lot to me.

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Frou is ok, lot of traveling this summer and preparing for Thanksgiving company. She says she's been lurking some but hopes to get back to regular posting soon.

I'm waiting for OA to respond, and I still need to look up Lynninnewmexico's email somewhere in our archives hopefully. Maybe a few others to let them know they are missed and we're hoping all is well with them.

hugs, Karen

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It is good to see so many people still faithful and posting. I have been absent for a long time for personal and health issues.

I looked around and found Purplemoon posts, inquired about JudithVA and wondered if anyone knows of Kat, who posted beautiful pictures of her home, her vignettes in California, was moving to Kentucky, a former caterer, I believe, and she was married to a retired police officer.

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Painting going on here so lots of disruption! Haven't done a post in a week.Add to that a keyboard that seems to be speaking tongues!

Patricia, I heard from Cattnap after she moved, but I lost contact with her.

Yachter, I am never gone for long!

I always wonder about Sandi, and hitoall too

It is the same with blogging, some people just disappear.

Tam stopped blogging awhile ago.

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Thank you, Kathleen. I got an e-mail from her with some pictures of her new house and she told me some ideas she had for redecorating and promised to post and I never heard from her since and the e-mail does not work. I hope she is doing a lot of decorating and will share with us. I know whatever she does will be gorgeous. Thank you for the response. I had deleted her e-mail after a while and had forgotten her "poster" name.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm still around. Doing ok. Went back to work part-time until the end of the year to help them out during an employee crunch.

Busy helping DD with her 3 boys as she begins a new chapter in her life as a single parent. Breaks my heart watching her going through so much heartbreak. Sorry men! And that's all I've got to say about that!

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. We did. My feet, knees and back were hurting so bad by the time I finished cooking the meal and trying to make the table pretty that I didn't take any pictures. Sort of simple, but nice.

DD offered to come up and help, but with the 2 year old into everything I figured it would be easier to do it myself. Had to take a pain pill and lay on heating pad to go to sleep last night.

Next year I will start earlier and accept more help. It's tough to admit my body is getting old and letting me down when I want to do so much.

Still haven't bought any more dishes since my last post about a year or so ago. DH hasn't had time or money to get the storage closet built, yet.

Any extra money has been spent helping DD who was a stay-at-home Mom get financing to keep her house, do repairs to it and get it ready for winter so no pipes will freeze.

I'm spending a lot of time lurking on the cooking forum. I had gotten in a rut making the same old-same old.

DS is very active in track, which keeps us busy. It is almost year round with indoor, outdoor and cross country.

BUT, we are still Blessed in so many ways and I'm glad to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving. How precious my family ( that includes y'all)is to me.

Mr Turkey (pic from last year) was present on our table this year. We had 8 people and only 4 plates of each pattern, so I alternated place settings. It worked out well, I think.

I think of everyone here often. I've even lurked, but didn't have time to share anything.

Alfred and I miss shopping for dishes. I was surprised when he told me he missed it!

As I'm hunting for Christmas wrapping paper and boxes to use for presents, I'm finding dishes I had forgotten I had purchased. Maybe I will get around to setting a table with them.

Love y'all. Going Christmas shopping now. First time ever on Black Friday for me.

Wish me luck. lol


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Lynninnewmexico posts on the home Decorating side from time to time.

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Hi Betty, so good to hear from you! Sorry about your dd, so sad!

Patricia, I will look to see if I have Cattnap's address, if I do I will email it to you.

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Betty...we hardly know each other but I remember some nativity on your Christmas table ...good to hear from you ...love your 'gobbler!' Here's to a 'restful' holiday season...doing what feels good to ya!

and from patricia43...I don't know if we've met on this forum or not...nice to meet you! Jeanne S.

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Patricia, glad you are back. I am so sorry to hear things
have been difficult. I hope you are doing much better, and the holidays are good to you.

I saw Lynninnewmexico was on Home Decor, so I emailed her
and told her she was missed and we'd love to see her again.

Betty, you've no idea how happy I am to hear from you! And to know you do lurk and keep up with us. You were such a major member on here, and your decorating was always a joy. I will forever remember when Alfred was injured at work, and the terrible time that you allowed us to share with you all those months. He's a miracle man for sure! Its wonderful to know HE misses shopping for dishes! LOL, that is great.

I'm very sorry your DD is having such a rough time, being a single mom now with three kids has got to be challenging.
I will send her prayers that next year will be good to her as she finds a new 'normal' in Life. She is so lucky to have you and Alfred to help her!

Wish you weren't in so much pain with your legs, knees, and back from all the work of Thanksgiving. I can sure relate to that kind of hurting and things getting more difficult to do. I was lucky for Thanksgiving, just had to show up at Jason's and eat. LOL. His wife did a great
dinner for us and wanted no help. (good thing, I've been pulling out Christmas bins and starting decorating, then going to bed nearly in tears last couple of nights with leg pain so bad.)
I can't believe you went shopping on Black Friday!
Wow. How'd that turn out? Just seeing it on the news was more than enough for me. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Kathleen, Jeanne and Karen. Glad to be back.

Karen, the crowds had thinned by the time we got to town. All of the great buys were long gone.

DD wanted to get to the Christian book store before noon to buy the book "Heaven is For Real". She had gotten it from the library and 8 year old DGS had started to read it and she had to take it back to the library before he could finish it. It's a great book.

I ended up buying 2 sets of fingernail clippers for DH and DS's stockings .99 each! BIG shopping spree!

I'm pretty much finished anyway. Just gotta pick up candy for stockings.

Karen, don't overdo it. I certainly don't want to hurt again like I did Thursday night.

I'm already planning on doing the Christmas dinner in segments and only having to cook the turkey and ham on the day of the meal.

Hugs to all,

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Karen, you have gotten a few responses by posting this thread. Great to hear from all who responded for sure.

Nana, miss all your posts and hope your computer problems are solved by now.

Kathleen, painting is a pain but so rewarding. Hope you share pictures with us. I'm really like all the pastels that are being used now. I have no desire to paint any walls right now.

Betty, great to hear from you. Love that big Turkey and those dishes. Sounds like you are a busy lady with DD & DGKids. Will keep all of you in my prayers.

Patricia, hope you will come back and start posting again. So glad this Holiday forum keeps going so all can stay in touch.


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