Pre-wiring for Electric Cars

balor123June 29, 2012

What's involved in pre-wiring for Electric Cars? I see that KB Homes already does this but I'm using a different builder. I think I already have a 220V outlet but will be using it for a freezer in the garage.

* Should I ask for two more and if so where should I place them? I hope they start coming with options to charge from both sides of the car otherwise I'd need a cable to drop from the ceiling to be convenient.

* Can I just split the existing outlet three ways and run the wires along the walls later?

* What kind of amperage will the (3500sf) home need for this?

* The builder charges $220 per outlet. Is it worth it?


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Annie Deighnaugh

Not sure why you would need 220 for a freezer...usually a regular 110 outlet will do... You can just add a box for 220 to charge a car in the future...put the outlet in later...

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