Walnut floor installation

maggie530June 30, 2013

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Thanks for all of the guidance we have received from this forum.
We have a house under construction. Our non-finished walnut floors were delivered prior to it being enclosed and air-conditioned. Wood was delivered about two weeks ago. Air conditioning got turned on Friday. We have been adamant that we would not allow floors to be installed prior to acclimation, but of course, there is debate about how long that should be.

We read a million discussions and see that the advice runs the gamut from a/c needs to be on for a month to length of time makes no difference, moisture content is all that matters.

We bought a moisture meter yesterday. The wood surprisingly game in at around 5%. We thought it would be higher because we're in Florida, it has rained a ton and the humidity is sky high. However, the plywood subfloor was around 15%.

So, is the goal now to get the plywood to 5%? That seems like very low humidity to me for a home in Florida, but what do I know!

Any advice would be appreciated :)

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I do believe that the subfloor and wood floor need to be within 2% humidity of each other. Hopefully some experts will chime in!

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