Recommendations (or warnings) about tall skinny Fridges?

LSSFJuly 25, 2014

Hi there!
Looking to augment counter/cabinet space in a small (8.5' x 14') kitchen, the one appliance I might replace while updating our kitchen would be our bulky but trusty fridge. This thing is like a linebacker. However, I don't want to sacrifice a simple, good-capacity, efficient fridge that keeps stuff cold just for some sleek, complicated-to-fix bells and whistles that doesn't last. But I am looking to go taller, skinner, and shallower, and the more I research, the more confused I become! I see so many negative reviews around about the non-lasting (and subsequent repair issues) of Fagor, Liebherr, the expense and declining quality of Sub-Zeros, etc.

What has been your experience of counter-depth fridges?

I am hoping for at least 15CU if possible for the fridge.

Thanks everyone!

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The thing about high end fridges is that they're only marginally better than run of the mill fridges. The next thing about high end fridges is that because of the price tag people expect perfection and get very testy when there's any little problem. I don't have any knowledge about Fagor, but Liebherr and SubZero are both thought of well, in general, by those who own them. If you're concerned check out the length and coverage of the warranty and the availability and quality of service in your area. SubZero are well known for the quality of their service. For tall and skinny with good capacity, I think Liebherr first, because they have the 24" ones. SZ has 27" and 30". Besides the ones you named, Miele has a seven foot tall 30" and an excellent record, and so does Thermador.

People are generally pleased with the utility of the space in the Liebherr. Some fridges look bigger, but can't store any more stuff. If you really want skinny, it's they way to go for a fridge freezer. For a 24" all fridge, you can get columns by either Thermador/Gaggenau or Miele (all with the same boxes, different interiors).

Best of luck with the decision.

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I have a30" Thermador. It's only been installed since January so I can't speak to long-term reliability, but so far so good. The layout works well for us, and it's big enough for us (we live a block from Safeway, so tend to buy our dinner food on the way home from work). The only thing bad about it, and I have no idea if this is typical of the narrow shallow tall fridges - it might be - is that the produce drawer is short - you can't out a head of iceberg lettuce in there, or a bunch of fruit in a bag (apples would have to be spread out in a single layer). Otherwise, we like it a lot and it looks great (paneled on the outside, but the inside is also beautiful). Here's a pic of the inside (relatively empty because today is shopping day)

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We have had the 24" Leibherr for 5 years and really like it. We've twice had trouble with the ice-maker and needed to get it fixed, but we like the fridge enough that we plan to put the 30" Leibherr in our new home.

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Thanks so much everyone! Great to know. I am just getting so much mixed info -- I will look into these other leads!

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I don't have a fancy kitchen like most of the members here but I do have a 30" Kenmore (Amana) that has worked perfectly for 15 years. I would like to replace it at some point to get better energy efficiency and a freezer drawer on the bottom. Now I have a bottom door freezer and it is a pain in the neck. I have always wanted to get a Sub-Zero or similar brand with a glass door. Would definitely up the cool factor in my kitchen.

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Sub Zero just revamped their line and they are including many 24" and 30" and have all but discontinued their previous standard 27" width. They still carry 36", 42" and 48" of course. And a great selection of undercounter all fridge, all freezer and ref/frz combinations in 24", some 27", 30" and 36". I've been looking at these recently myself so am familiar with their sizes.

I don't have any experiences to share (yet) but wanted to give the updated available sizes for the Sub-Zeros. And a piece of advice gleaned from reading here would be to definitely keep your bulky and trusty fridge and reposition it to the garage for overflow and do NOT let it get hauled off with the replaced fridge of whatever you choose. If you ever do experience a problem with your new choice, you have a reliable back up. And if all is well you will just have a great one for wide items or extra space for holidays and special occasions.

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Some of the full height 27" are still available now but they are definitely discontinued. So if the 24" is too narrow and the 30" is too wide for your space, this would be a good option. Check stock but don't wait too long. See the link of their main page for the integrated line size and configurations. On the upper right of the pictured model sections, click on the 'view additional models' to see their main 27" and other discontinued models.

(Edited to add link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Integrated fridge page

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