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bus_driverFebruary 2, 2014

My Western Digital external hard drive has quit. Less than 2 years old Has it's own power supply and connects with USB. Had a computer problem and unplugged all the USB devices. In the process, the drive was knocked over. It did not take a vertical fall, just toppled to the side on the shelf where it was sitting. Could a jolt that minor damage the unit?
All the other USB devices now work fine.

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Does the computer see the drive or not? Did you recheck the cable or try a different USB port?

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I bought a little cheap alum $10 case to make a portable hard drive from my old laptops drive. Anyhow for what its worth...

If I unplug the portable drive from usb it wont work next time I plug it in hot ... until I completely shut off the computer and have the usb drive plugged in when I power up and it loads windows. Then windows finds the drive and usually gives it a unique different letter or name which I just simply rename it the way I like.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. My computer has been warning of USB device that it does not recognize every time I log in with my password.
Today with your advice I unplugged the power lead from the drive and the computer did audible blip. Reconnected it. Unplugged the USB cord at the drive, audible blip, reconnected it audible blip. Disconnected the USB at the back of the computer with audible blip and reconnected at the front with audible blip and the light on the drive is now ON!
My Book J now again shows up on the Computer window. Need to move the USB connection back to the back of the computer if possible as the two front USB ports are often used for other things.
I am left wondering exactly what happened to make it stop working.
Thanks for your help.

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