glass tile ever okay on shower floor?

NewEnglandSaraJuly 21, 2014

Hi there,

We are making tile choices for a remodel, and I love the look of colorful tiles on a shower floor! However, I don't want marble or other natural stone (I am not good with maintenance), and I have not seen any porcelain colorful tiles in colors that I like. I love many types of glass tiles, and sales people have had mixed things to say about glass on a shower floor. Some feel that it should be fine with just bare feet and light use. Others seem to feel worried about scratching and chipping. I would love input from this community. And if glass tile is ever okay for shower floors, are there certain types of glass that are better bets than others?

Thanks so much!


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Babka NorCal 9b

Too slippery? What size tiles are you considering? I suppose if the tiles were small and there were a lot of grout lines to help your feet grab...but I question the need to have the interest on the floor, rather than at eye level. When I look down, I see a cool linear shower drain. That does it for me. How would they (glass tiles) scratch or chip on the floor? What are you doing in the shower? hmmmmmmmm. ;-) Just put down something that will allow you to use a daily shower spray that will keep the tile from getting soap/water stains. I have porcelain, hard water, and after a year of using "clean shower" (there are similar daily sprays) I have never had to clean my shower. It looks like new.


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I have seen some glass tile floors on We just finished tiling our shower with glass 4 x 12 tiles. It was a fair amount of work because we had to apply a light coat of thinset to the back of each tile and let it dry. Otherwise you could see through it right to the thinset on the wall which was NOT perfectly smooth. It took us hours to apply it to each tile. If we had paid someone to tile for us it would have added at least a day to the job.

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I should have noted that we tiled the WALLS not the Floor. Sorry!

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I would never put glass tile on a floor. When I was looking at glass tiles at HD, they were scratched from simply rubbing against the tile above it. The floor has to take so much more wear and tear than that.

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Here is a nice article from Houzz on selecting of tile. I think the grade and ware ratings sections might be of interest to you. I believe there has been change in the industry in how they rate tiles, so there could be new language.

I would think that glass would not be strong enough as mentioned above in in Jerzeegirls post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your Floor: How to Shop for Tile

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Fori is not pleased

Unless you're rubbing the tile on something incredibly hard, like glass tiles, it's probably at least as scratch proof as anything else you could put on the floor. I bet you could scratch most porcelain tiles with the rough back side of a glass tile.

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you could do small accent pieces of glass tiles, with other smaller tiles.

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Sure! I would pick a small mosaic so you have more grout for your feet to grip to. We've done a couple showers now with glass tile mosaic floors and all have held up great. Since it's non-porous it's easier to take care than natural stone and not able to etch like marble.

Here's a picture of my guest bathroom shower floor:

Here is a link that might be useful: Guest Bathroom thread and info

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I used a glazed porcelain on the shower floor. It was made by eco ceramica and I don't think it is available any longer. mine was installed 4 years ago and I am very happy with it.
and I used a glass mosaic for the wall accent strip.
my floor tile is similar to Rustica Subway Neptune Blue at HD. the link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustica Subway Neptune Blue

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Wow, thanks for these fantastic responses and lovely photos/ideas! I am sorry for the delay in responding, but this is all SUPER helpful! Thank you, thank you again! :-)


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i have glass tiles on my master bath shower floor, and they're fine. we used hataki (sp), china blend. they're small tiles, slightly textured, and lots of grout lines for grip. it's been installed for about three yrs, and no problems. here are some pics....

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Fluke67, that install looks beautiful! We are buying our accent tiles from the Ann Sacks budget line, and they are SO pretty. The sales associate is highly recommending frosted glass tiles (1 inch penny rounds or squares) for the floor, but I am nervous about scratches. The alternative she is recommending is white (or "rice paper) stacked rectangular floor tile. I get super worried about white tile with white grout on the floor and how dirty it might get. I think I will start a separate thread on that one. We need to order by this weekend: tax-free in Massachsuetts (plus our install deadline is fast approaching!) Thanks so much for all the input!


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