How wet is too wet for a subfloor?

zone4newbyJune 28, 2013

We're having an incredibly wet spring. Because of this, framing has been slow, and everything has gotten really wet, and has stayed wet. I know it's normal for framing and the subfloor to be exposed to the elements during construction, but how much is too much? It's been a month since the first floor's subfloor has been in place and parts have been entirely unprotected from the elements.

We ought to be closed up next week. What should we be looking for as things finally are able to dry out inside?

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Delamination of the plywood would be about it.

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Thanks! We want to be aware, but we don't want to make a stink about nothing.

Would delamination happen pretty quickly if it were going to?

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I worried about that too. In our build they used a product (the name is leaving me at the moment) for the subfloor that was impregnated with a wax. The water would pool but not absorb at all. We shop vac'ed multiple times and as we did the subfloor looked completely dry after being in standing water for days.

Might check to see if a similar product was used on your house... Might ease your mine.


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If it is plywood it was not treated with that type of a product that is generally used with OSB subfloor. Generally sweeping the standing water off is enough and if I remember correctly subfloor plywood is supposed to be able to be exposed about 30 days but I may be mistaken.

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It's an OSB subfloor product. I don't know the terminology as well as you do. :)

Thanks again for your help.

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Advantech subfloor (OSB) is warranteed for 360 days, I believe, and many others will cover 180 days of exposure. Mine was out during a very wet winter for about 6 months. It looks ugly, but held up just fine.

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