Printer not printing in colors

marie_ndcalFebruary 4, 2013

HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-One, computer XP.
Finally got new cartridge of yellow, did not use printer without this, installed it and now printer will not print in all colors. Just a greenish/grey with a bit of yellow showing, no pink or dark pink.
Went to HP site, did some checking, but now really confused. this is what I found: After the warning to use official HP cartridges, and I do, it said Open the printer TOOLBOX then gave additional information. STOP (me) where do I go to find this and/or what else do I do to make it print normal.
I did print a test picture on my computer and hubby's to make sure it was the printer

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Marie - I have a HP printer that takes the seperate ink tanks (although not the same ones as you) - when I run it out of ink, I have the same issue. Or if I have not used the printer for a while.

To open the Toolbox - go to your start menu on your computer. That is the big "windows" button on the bottom left of your toolbar.

Select ALL PROGRAMS and navigate to HP Solution Center. When that is open - choose "Settings" and then look for "Printer Toolbox" -

When you get to the Toolbox - first "clean the printheads" - then "align the printheads"

That usually fixes it for me. Sometimes I have to clean the printheads twice to get it printing good again.

I am also able to access this from the buttons on my printer. There is a menu button on mine.

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I sent you (iowagirl2006) an email, but will explain for others here. I did find it, and did what you suggested and it still is not printing right. For some reason my new yellow cartridge went from full to almost empty while doing the cleaning. I suspect a leak somewhere as I have pretty colored hands for a awhile. I do have one more yellow cartridge but if I use that, I have to buy more and I just bought 2 today. One almost gone. May have to use the second one. I did the same with black about 3-4 months ago.

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PKponder TX

HP offers free support for the installation of new cartridges, they will work with you on the phone to success or they will replace the cartridge. They track their sales closely and will lead you through steps (tests) to determine the root cause of the failure and they will make it right. Every cartridge has some sort of serial number so that they know that you just purchased it. I'm just saying that losing half of your ink in a cleaning is not right, that cartridge is defective.

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