Black Christmas Tree

christmascandyNovember 11, 2013

On Halloween, I found this 6' tall skinny black tree at GdWl for $12.75.
I used it outside that night as part of the outside d�cor.

I have since moved it into the guest bedroom and decorated it for Christmas with silver tinsel garland, white iridescent snowflakes and small silver ornies from DT, some silver cherubs/harps/ornies in a pkg. from ARC TS, and some crystal drops and a crystal angel from Hob. Lob.
The tree topper is a white angel with fiber optic wings, moving head and hands (one hand is holding a lit star) $4.25 at GdWl.

It had the original box and I just saw the same tree on sale at Hob. Lob. for $64.95!!!

Tree topper:

It is much prettier IRL than I can show here!


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Ok Miz Candy....not only ANOTHER super buy on this REALLY neat tree, but also the angel topper! The more I see these tall "skinny" trees in my web browsing for our inspiration albums, the more I like them!
Who'd have thought a BLACK Christmas tree after using it for Halloween? Well who besides YOU of course!! It looks absolutely stunning with those decorations on it. I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

But its not enough you have done all the neat Halloween decorating, fall stuff, AND working on the decorations for the Ladies go and finish up a CHRISTMAS tree to boot. I'd be shaking my head if I could get my jaw off the floor!!

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I second what Karen has said! Looks beautiful
all decorated with silver and white. The angel is gorgeous
and perfect for the top.

So happy you found these and brought them home. Great
buys and they will be LOVED!!!


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Another winner! I'm beginning to like the look of the slim trees too. I'm in the market for a tree this year; can't decide if I'm going to brave Black Friday or wait until after the season for clearances.

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It's so beautiful, I love it also.

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Marlene Kindred

Well I have to admit I would never have thought of a black Christmas tree, but you certainly have done a great job of making it beautiful!

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Your new black tree looks so elegant decorated with silver and white.
The angel on top is the crowning touch.
Another great find.

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Wow, candy...out of my realm thinking of a black tree ... but this is simply gorgeous! what a combo w/the silvers & iridiscent ornies & crystal. That 'angel' is perfect ... she is beautiful! Way to go, girl! Beautiful! TFS! ~~Jeanne

& I love the other angel nearby in the 1st pic, too. We can all use 'angels' watching 'over us. ;-) Jeanne S.

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It was surprising to even HEAR of a black Christmas tree so, of course, I had to tune in. It is quite lovely as everyone agrees. Another year you might enjoy spraying it with snow just to temporarily give it a revised look. If you didn't like it, a good shake outside would clean it up again. Just a thought of the fun you might have with that unusual tree. Enjoy.


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