Anybody use Koma trim boards?

kandkwiJune 27, 2008

Has anybody used Koma trim boards? If so, did you leave them white or did you paint them. If painted, what prep work was needed and how is the paint holding up?

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We used Azek trimboards which is a similar product. Nice product to work with. The manufacturers instructions don't require painting, but I believe if you truly want a nice looking final product -- even if keeping the white color -- you should paint.

We used SW Duration (water based) vinyl safe formula for painting. Takes a good 2-3 full coats to get the full color. (I'm sure white would require less). I found it easiest to roll on first coat, then used a brush for subsequent coats.

We would give a light sanding before painting (mostly to knock off the dirt), then wash with a damp rag. One thing to keep in mind is that Azek can take 20-30 days to fully cure. We did a finger nail scratch the day after painting and paniced b/c the paint came off.

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Thanks for the reply niff. I just hate the thought of having to paint all the trim. Did you paint them before they were put up or after?

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We did both. If possible, I'd put a coat on prior to installation, and then finish up after the boards were hung. We installed using stainless screws, so either way, I found I had to get a least two coats to conver screw filler adequately.

Either way, if painted the stuff look realllly nice. If not painted, the edges are pretty filthy.

Good luck!

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