Luv's fall decor #2

luvstocraftNovember 16, 2010

Here's a few more pics of fall items around my house.

This is the bookcase in the entryway. I think I will look for more leaf garlands when they go on sale this year. The two pictures were just cards I framed last year, and I think I've shared the sign made with my Cricut before. The pilgrim couple were cut out and painted several years ago.

A box arrived the other day--what a fun surprise! Lynn had decorated this pretty cornucopia for me and she even sent along this darling bunny. Thank you so much Lynn, it sure wasn't necessary but it sure was fun!

And here are the turkey salt/pepper shakers that I think match Jeanne's new bowl. See how the tails are green just like on your bowl Jeanne? The little handled bowl is not an exact match, but close enough to use with them to hold sweetener packets on the table.

Here's the start of my tablescape. I found the big turkey at Steinmart a couple years ago--wanted one like Jane's but couldn't find one. I added the gold on this one to match the gold on the greenery--still not sure I should have done that! Please note that the rust colored plates have ACORNS on them--found at the TS but only found two. And just look at those acorn shaped bowls and the gorgeous acorn mugs that our sweet Betty sent to me! I took a close up of the acorns on the mugs--they just make me drool!

I'll stop for now. There's a few other places decorated but I think you've all seen those items before. Just the front window ledge with my big jar and the metal lantern, and a bookcase shelf with the tray I painted last year and a jar of acorns my neighbor collected for me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics. My DS says "Where on earth do you store all this stuff????" We've never heard that question before, have we? LOL

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Wow, so much here I will have to keep scrolling up and The little block pilgrim couple is neat with your tray. The cornucopia Lynn decorated and sent is so pretty. One can never have to many cute little bunnies either.

I really like the turkey trio. Will be fun to hear if they match Jeanne's. Your ts is looking goooood! That's a pretty neat turkey you found. I really like your wreath you sat it on. Betty's acorn cups and bowls really add to your table.

This was great to see all your pictures tonight.


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OMGosh, where do I start....
The little wood pilgrims you made are adorable, and that turkey with them is soooo cute. I like the simplicity.
But then there are your other turkeys! The handled one really grabbed my attention!!!
Lynn's decorated cornucopia, and that super sweet bunny,
must have had you feeling like it was Christmas already!!
What a great friend she is to do something so special.

The acorn mugs from Betty are wonderful. I sure wish she would come back here. I think of her (and Alfred) so often and hope they are doing okay. Such a special couple and they deserve the best.

I sure hope DH doesn't start counting your acorns! LOL.
You've got quite a collection going, Scrat!
hugs, Karen

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luvs...yup, your S&P shaker a perfect match...I'll have to keep an eye for those ... I've also fallen hard for purplemoon's "white turkeys" on the antique tray...oh, you, enablers, you!!!

Back to your post, I really, really am loving the start of your Tksgvg t'scape...the colors just shout "FALL!" The placemats are so perfect with your dishes ...& the acorn plates on top of dinner plates are adorable! The mugs & bowls from Betty...perfect! Am lovin' your acorn theme! And it's fun to hear where you've acquired your decor...makes it even more special. That new cornucopia Lynn sent is beautiful. Well, looks like you're having fun! TFS these pics! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, What can I say??? I love, love, love it all!!!

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Your bookcase decorations really make your entryway look very inviting. The harvest blessings wood-tone sign is my favorite. I'm liking that turkey with the handle too, and I have the same green tailed turkeys also. Thanks for sharing.

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It's all good!! The wooden tray is my favorite, but the pilgrims run a really close second!
You are workin' too hard girl....

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Those acorn bowls/plates on the red plates are perfect. I think I have acorn envy, too. Your table is so welcoming, nice job!

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luvs...wanted to just have such "fun" decor...I bet your little GKids just love it! (well, love you, actually!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. Jeanne, I'm glad my decor comes across as "fun" because that is certainly what I like. I think my little DGD is so used to all Gramma's goodies by now that she just takes it for granted. She does complain to her Mom and Dad that their house is boring after she has been over here! ;o)

I am so hoping I can encourage her in painting and doing crafts. It would be so fun for the two of us, and it is a life long fun thing to do. I've always found it to be the best therapy--right up there with talking things over with a good friend! ;o)


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I'm glad that you could use my little thank you gifts, Luvs. As for the rest of your pretties, ahhhh! I'm especially drooling over your beautiful table. The centerpiece with the pears is lovely and so Autumn-y and all the acorn pieces make it even more so.

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