Sharing Our Churchill Pink Thanksgiving Table

phonegirlNovember 18, 2011

I shared these Churchill Turkey plates last year in a red and blue setting. This year I decided to try a pink setting and next year will be yellow or green.LOL I love all the colors in this set of dishes.

I've had this rattan brown turkey so used it for my cp as I hadn't found much else to do with it. Jane, Jeanne pretty sad compared to your beautiful brown turkeys. I have 3 of these Princess House Hurricanes this size and one larger one. I'm thinking I should try using all of them for a Christmas display on my buffet.

It's cold here, another car on it's top this am on my way to work. DD wanted me to go shopping with her this weekend but no desire when it's this cold. Hope your all getting ready for TG.

FYI, any of you that own a smart phone with front facing camera should download Tango(free app) Enjoy seeing & talking to your families that will not be able to join you.


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Oh Punk...this table is SO perfect for TG!
I love your Churchill plates and how you layered them with the white plates and brown chargers. Also your mixture of glass ware. Those amber bowls look like they have a pretty pattern on them. I think the large candle holders and Hurricanes are a nice touch and I also think your turkey fits right in there perfectly!! Your buffet in the background is absolutely beautiful and compliments your table so well. It'a such an impressive piece and I love how it's decorated too. Your little baby girl looks like she's ready and all excited for the Big Day!
YOu did a lovely job on everything.
I am totally clueless about phones (it's so pathetic). I'm always asking my oldest DGSon questions on how to use mine! I'll pass your info on to him.
The weather has been much colder here too and you're right it makes you want to stay put and keep warm.
You take care on those roads to need to hurry - your boss won't get angry at you!! lol


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Jane, was hoping your weather was behaving for a change! We are getting alot of snow today so at least we have some snow cover now.

I looked on the Farmers Almanac and it predicts a warmer winter than last year. Mybe we are going to have a beautiful Spring for a change.LOL Thanks, I drive slower and say my prayers every day.

If we didn't have the phone business, I'd be clueless too! I think of my parents with all this new technology. They would of been able to call any where in the US unlimited for $19.99 a month. What a great way to stay in touch with all your family and friends. I remember I was in high school when we got our 1st color TV.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on this table.


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punk ...oh 'so pretty in pink' ....those Churchill turkey plates are so beautiful & esp for the Tksgvg season! It looks like you have both the larger dinner plates & the smaller lovely! And like jane said, so pretty the way you layered them w/brown charger & white plate. With your churchill, I think you've chosen such lovely colors for accessorizing...the white, pink & the brown.

I love the white t'cloth for backgrd & those pink napkins...I'm thinking those little bowls are pink...are they? & the pink glassware blends in so nice! Your 'rattan turkey' found a home & he looks great here!

The hurricane lamps are beautiful & also your tall candlesticks w/pillars I see a few votives, too! Everything lights up your table! Those hurricane candles will be lovely on the buffet (which I also think is such a gorgeous pc!)

Looks like you're ready! Stay warm, safe & enjoy the snow today from inside, I hope! Jeanne S.

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I never thought of pink for Thanksgiving but it looks fab-uuu-l-ous!
I looove your turkey plates and all the candles make it shimmer "just right". Job well done.

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Jeanne, the tc and napkins are a matching pink set. Your right, the little bowls are also pink. I have a set of 4 salad and 4 lg plates so had to use them like this to have enough.

After talking with the kids today they may be bringing some of their friends w/o relatives here. Will probably set up buffet style so it won't matter how many show up. I always say the more the merrier! I'll also be cooking a turkey and ham.LOL

I stayed home and got some cleaning and baking done. It's always a good feeling knowing your caught up again. I did bring out a couple of snowman things but no Christmas yet.

MM, I would of never thought of pink either if I hadn't seen a neat one with these dishes a few years ago. The lady had also used pink depression glass plates with them that were to die for. I was sold when I found these at Tj Maxx or Ross after that.

Thanks ladies for looking and your sweet comments.


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Your table is lovely, Punk. The Churchill Plates are so pretty I love how they look with Pink accessories.
Your Buffet is beautifully decorated too and it compliments the table perfectly.
TJ looks really happy to be part of the fun. Was she a big help setting the table? lol

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Okay..there ya go, so my eyes are starting to 'play' with colors now. I thought they were amber...and
now I find out they were pink.
To set the record straight - the 'Pink' bowls and napkins are lovely. They look great with your Churchill.

BTW Punk..want to come an clean by me too? lol I'm saving that part for last because DH has been setting up his Christmas Village with oldest DGSon and there's a mess EVERYWHERE!


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Nana, thanks for the comments. Glad your back posting with us. TJ isn't much help but at least she stays put and doesn't make messes either.haha

Jane, I'd love to help you clean. Why don't you move closer so we could play together? I will be watching for pictures of your Village. I love all the work others put into them. O what a site!

The pink bowls show up a little on the amber side alright. I had used them on my cancer table and they photographed like that too. I might do a little painting today. We didn't get much snow last night but right now I'm not ready to go set up outside Christmas decor.


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Punk...Just imagine all the trouble we would get into if I moved closer! I don't think we'd get Anything done - except cause trouble!! lol

I'm looking forward to seeing what you's been awhile since you've done that and I always enjoy what you do. I know your schedule has become so hectic for quite awhile, that painting is probably a 'wind down' and mental break to get back on track.
I know when I'm at my busiest, I come on here for my 'mental' break. It helps me from getting too overwhelmed. Then, I go back and tackel another job.

My DGSon convinced DH to do a different layout this year on his village. They are having way too much fun with it..but that's good, just as long as everything is put away in time for me to clean for Thurs and the party.
I'm with you on 'The More the Merrier'..I love having a full house for the holidays. It's just a shame that everyone lives so far away that those family get togethers are now few and far between.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving...

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Jane, I think we'd get alot of shopping done and that might cause Trouble!LOL The kids are coming for dinner so my painting was put on the back burner again. I'd rather see them so that's great. I come here for a 'mental' break too most nights after work. I've loved all the fall decorating and hope the Christmas Wow's me too.

I'm the only one from here staying home for Thanksgiving. The others are joining family in CA and across the state. We have family that manage a Dude ranch with five nice homes. Each family gets their own home to stay in. Alot of the kids enjoy going there to hang out. If I ever go back I should take some pictures of these homes and share. They are pretty over the top.

DH likes to stay home rather than travel. Wish he liked to cook too.haha Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too.


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Your pink really pulled that color out of the plates, can't wait till you use them with the other colors too! Your buffet added another neat spot for you to display your pretty dishes and things too, I can tell you are enjoying it. Do be extra careful on those icy roads, know they can be so scary.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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That looks beautiful, Punk!
I love the pink bowls and napkins. So pretty.
Love dishes are lovely and neat they have so many colors you can pull out!

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Luvs, good to hear from you. Are you going to DS's for TG dinner? Hope you are taking care of yourself. Our snow is melting and it's suppose to be nice till Dec. 5th! I'm loving the dry roads to drive on. Thanks.

Kathleen, thanks for the sweet comments.


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