Driveway Repaving

litlbstardJune 8, 2012


I got en estimate for my driveway repaving and was wondering if the prices seem outrages or not? Not sure about how much it should be per square foot, Size of Driveway is 2755 Square Feet and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. This is the first estimate I got, so not sure if others will be about the same.

Good 1) Pave with 2'' Thick Asphalt.-- $5,617 Sqfoot 2.04

Better 2) Pave with 3'' Thick Asphalt.-- $6,262 Sqfoot 2.27

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Is this an overlay, or are they removing the old, and then fully repaving?

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In addition to Kirkhall's questions, you do know that paving/asphalt is tied to oil prices? Maybe wait until prices go down, if that's an option.

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Oil prices are down. WTI is at a 17 month low. Of course, you can hope for another recession soon!

Forget the 2" thickness if you ever have a delivery truck, septic cleanout service or the like in your driveway.

Also check on the grade of asphalt used. You want at least "B" or "B modified."

The most important prerequisite is an adequate compacted or settled base.

Road contracts have strict provisions including independent testing for density. The best you can do is ask for previous job references.

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