Steam shower ceiling with no slope?

ladycfpJuly 8, 2014

Few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that our roughed in in 5x5 steam shower ceiling should be sloped and not flat. Contractor agreed to address. Tile guys are there to work today and carpenter has not been back. Now the contractor and tile guy have discussed and decided because we are using 6 inch tiles, this is a residential installation, etc, it is not necessary to slope the ceiling. My generator is a Thermasol Pro-240. We have approx. 8 foot ceilings. If there are any other parameters you need, please ask. They are coming in the morning to proceed, with flat ceiling, or delay until they can get the carpenter back. I am feeling pressure to allow them to proceed, and if it doesn't really make much difference, am inclined to do so as the project needs to continue for a variety of reasons. Thank you for any professional opinions. A cursory internet check suggests a 2" slope per foot of ceiling. Is this the recommended minimum if must slope?

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Annie Deighnaugh

We wanted ours sloped, but it didn't happen. Framers said it was the tile guy, tile guy said it was the framers. We only have occasional dripping on our head so level ceiling hasn't been as big a problem as I feared.

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It's that cold drip right in the middle of enjoying the warm steamy experience that will result from that non sloped ceiling. And it will be slower drying out. I'd make them do it correctly at this stage, no matter how eager that they are to move forward.

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Like the others said, the drips are the issue. So it's a convenience thing, not a matter of not being waterproofed or something.

That said, if you asked for sloped, you should get sloped.

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A slope is not essential for a residential install, but IS for a Commercial build.

Yeah, you'll get a few drops of water on you....can you deal with that?

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Sorry if I'm late to the party but here are my opinions...

Mine is sloped, but it still drips, not a ton but it does. It's probably a lot less than if it wasn't (I stayed in a hotel that had a flat ceiling steamer and it dripped like crazy). Also the one at my gym is even more dramatically sloped that mine, and guess what? It still drips.

Just kind of something you need to deal with. I've found the biggest problem with mine is that the ceiling holds onto drops of water for hours after a solid steam. I've gotten in the habit of using a long squeegee once the room has cooled down to clear off the ceiling. It helps keep it a lot cleaner overall.

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Follow up: Tile contractor met with me and assured me he wanted me happy. He brought in his own carpenter and they devised a cathedral style ceiling that was vast improvement to what had been suggested. This not only enhanced the design, it afforded the function of minimizing the drip. We have yet to test it as unfortunately the tile guy is not running the entire project. Here is a picture to give an idea, still in progress obviously, but beautiful work, can't say enough good things about them and the experience.

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