make your own mercury glass...neat!

PurplemoonNovember 8, 2011

A blogger did a how-to on making stuff look like mercury glass, and it looks pretty darn easy with great results.

Another idea for me to file away on that endless list of mine. ;o)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: mercury glass

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Karen thanks for sharing this one Karen.
I started collecting glass decanters from GW to do this project.
I found a YouTube demo of it during the Summer. It looks like a fun - cheap and easy project...Right up my alley!! lol

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Thanks for posting this! I just ordered the paint off of Amazon. I haven't seen it in any of the stores. At least I got free shipping.

One of those containers is a Southern Living at Home piece which was not inexpensive. I'm not sure I would have painted that one.

I'm heading to GW today to find some glass to paint! :)

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'Enabler's R Us' award for the day goes to Purplemoon today!!!
Great idea! Another wonderful idea & another can of paint I've never used! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I have been looking for a month now for that paint - several bloggers have said you could get it at Micheals but our local Micheals didn't have it nor had they heard of it - neither Walmart nor Lowes have it either so I guess I will order it online - headed over to Amazon now that I read Dawnp's post. So many good tutorials out there :) .....


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How neat!!
Thank you for posting it , Karen.
I've never seen the paint anywhere here either which is probably for the best as I noticed her little footnote.
In as much as I love the look, I don't think I could make myself pay that much for a can of spray paint (yes, I'm admittedly

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I'm thinking one can would do quite few pieces, so that's my rationalization for the price. LOL. I just ordered it from Amazon, got the free shipping as I needed a couple of other special paints too that are hard to find in stores.

hugs, Karen

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hehehehehe .... "enabled" again I see.
You are right though in the rationalization , it would probably do a multitude of things so probably equals out in the end $ wise.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I'll be dawg-gone...who would have thought about that?? Love this idea! Thanks Karen!

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I ckd Hobby Lobby today ...they were out of it...but it has been sold there cause my good friend told me she got a can awhile back...talkin' about trying it on the glass of an old window she uses in her decor...sounds like that would be cool. So, if you have a HL nearby, take a look...I saw all kinds of Krylon paints for diff uses there! Jeanne S.

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