Problem with latest version of Firefox (10.0.2)

kudzu9February 20, 2012

I just upgraded my Firefox browser to the latest version. It seems to be somewhat faster, and I've gotten used to the changes from my previous version. However, I do have one problem. I often have a lot of pages open in my browser. When I want to open an additional page, I sometimes like to open it in a new window, rather than a new tab. When I do this in Firefox 10, the web address is blank. If I try to bookmark it, it will bookmark properly. If I click on a hot link to go to another page, the new page will display an address, AND when I click back to the previous page, the web address that had been initially blank is then displayed. This problem doesn't occur when I open something in a new tab...only in a new window. The reason I like to have the web address displayed is that I often copy it so I can insert it into an email. I know I could avoid this if I always opened things just in new tabs, but that's not how I do my browsing.

I've looked at the browser settings, and there doesn't seem to be anything that would affect this. Has anyone else had this minor problem? And, more importantly, does anyone have a fix? I am thinking this is just a bug in the new browser, but haven't been able to find anything yet by doing a Google search.

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Curious.. I dont use firefox daily but you open the new window .. How ?

Shift + link ? (pops link in new window)
Ctrl + N ? (pops new window of existing page)

Look at task manager, processes for firefox memory usage when it happens & total memory use on botton of task manager.

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To open a new window, I right-click on either a bookmark or a link and that gives me several choices (Open Link in New Tab, Open Link in New Window, etc.). If I choose New Tab, it goes to the web page and shows the address; if I choose New Window, it goes to the web page, but doesn't show the just shows a little, blank rectangle, and the grayed-out words "Go to a web site." Here is what it looks like:

This picture is what I got after opening a new window for the GardenWeb Computer Help Forum. However, the behavior is similar regardless of whether I am on GardenWeb or not.

Finally, since I first posted, I have discovered that, if I click on this little rectangle in the address bar of the new page, the browser stays on the page and the address then appears. Interestingly, although all of my Bookmarks transferred in the update, and work fine, many of them lost the unique little icon that often precedes the name and also just display the little rectangle.

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I've held steady to version 10.0 and keep refusing further updates right now. I, occasionally get the "Go to a Website" initially, but the address appears when the site loads.

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I lost 'Spell Check' and can't get it back. I didn't want to return to the earlier version for security reasons. Very annoying dealing with all these updates and upgrades.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Jane for the spell check problem go into the firefox settings and select your language, for some reason the new versions keep losing that information and if no language is set it will not spell check.

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