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kitchenresearch2012July 31, 2012

1. Is there a 30" Gas Range available with rear burners that can fit large pots?

2. The NXR 30" gas range has equally spaced burners but has received some reviews saying the metal is thin. Does anyone know how the NXR customer service is?

3. GE Cafe has many reviews complaining about a very loud fan noise even with traditional oven use. The loud fan noise is described to continue for a substancial amount of time after cooking and after the the oven off. After speaking with a GE representative, he advised that since the electronics are in the front, the fan needs to keep them from over heating. Does this apply to other brands with the electronics in the front?

4. Does anyone know of a 30" gas range with the electronics in the front with a quieter fan?

5. Is there a range with electronics on the top that allows room for larger pots?

When measuring from the middle of the back burner to the back of the range top horizontally, both the LG 30" gas range (model LGLRG3097[ST]) and the GE 30" gas (model CGS985SETSG) range have a distance of 4 and 5/8 inches (about 5 inches).

6. Is there a 30" gas range with electronics in the back (on top) with slightly more distance between the center of the back burner and back of range top?

If we could find a range with 5.5 inches, it could accomodate a 11 inch pot and a space of 6 inches would accomodate a 12 inch pot . One would think that most prefer to have the larger pots in the back, to make cooking easier and especially with young children in the house.

7. How does LG customer service compare to GE customer service, compared to NXR customer service? Is it possible to get parts from these three companies without a hassle?

Please advise.

Thanks for reading!!

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1. The NXR fits large pots easily

2. Not sure what is considered "thin", I am sure it is thinner than the old 1950's O'Keffee and Merritt's but everything today is thin compared to older models.
I know this NXR weighs in at over 300#, it feels like a tank to me. The box weighed 360# when it came in and took us over an hour and a half to get it into the house.

4. "electronics in front"? you mean the knobs/controls?
The NXR is virtually electronics free, just a convection fan button and light switch.
The convection fan is fairly quiet, not what I would consider loud anyway.
Center of burner to back on the NXR is 6 1/8" and easily accommodates a 12" pot.
I prefer to use larger pots on these burners actually, most all my pots are between 10-14" they work better on these wide burners.

7. I do not personally know because I have as yet not needed any customer service.
but NXR uses the same company "ADCO" which is the same service company used by Liebherr and Wolf and Garland.
I imagine like ALL service company's for large appliance manufacturers today it is going to be hit & miss depending on your geographical location and who it is you get on the phone, regardless of what brand you go with.

So far we have been very pleased with ours, we have the older model (NRG3001)which is no longer available.

IMO there isn't another range that even comes close for under $2000.
If money is no object then you have all kinds of choices equally as good or better.
for $2000 or less the NXR is the best choice.

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I am getting an NXR (tomorrow!!!!!!!!) and will be able to hopefully add a glowing review as well...I ordered from Costco just to have a little more piece of mind. I can't wait!

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