Help with Wall Ovens and Advantium

CT_NewbieJuly 13, 2013

We're buying a new old house. It comes with 1999 electric Thermador double ovens. They look like they are clean and passed inspection but inspection only says if the work or not, not if they are well calibrated, etc. I think the controls for both were on the top oven. At first, I was intent on keeping them for our gut reno. However, people have told me they are less expensive to replace than I think so I've started to look at ovens.

I really like the idea of the 240V Advantium. We use the microwave every day to make oatmeal/grits and to reheat the kids dinner when we don't cook it fresh. Having the Advantium would save the space of a separate microwave. I would have to "grow into" using all of its other features but the notion of speed cooking appeals to me. If I get an Advantium can I still use the top Thermador oven or are the double ovens connected? If I can't use the Thermadors, what type of oven do I need as a second oven - gas, electric, steam, other combo? Should I be considering a combo stovetop/oven vs. currently, we were thinking a Wolf stovetop since we had double ovens?

Currently, we mostly cook on the stovetop and grill. Maybe we use our big oven once every two weeks for say, salmon and veggies or occasionally broiling veggies or maybe once a quarter, making a pork loin or big piece of meat. With the new house and growing kids/entertaining, we expect to cook more, we're just not sure how it will evolve. Plus with kids, we'll bake a little more. However, right now, I make small batches and freeze the rest since toddlers eat so little and I don't want them eating all the cookies from a full batch vs. healthy food.

Please advise. Thanks!

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Are you asking if you can use one of the double ovens at a time? If so then yes you can use one oven at a time.

I am not a fan of using an Advantium as a primary microwave. You will burn out the magnetron quicker. I researched the cost of replacing the Advantium magnetron 2.5 years ago and I forget the exact number but I remember thinking it was too much for me. Others vigorously disagree and use as primary mw.

Are you looking for a cooktop like this?

Or a rangetop like this?

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Thanks Dee! I figured out that the double ovens are connected so I'd have to get rid of both of them to make space for the Advantium and either another wall oven below it or a stove with an oven below it.

If I kept the double ovens, I was thinking of just the range top in your bottom photo, where the knobs are on the side, not on top. But now that I'm considering the Advantium as the primary microwave so that I don't need another separate little microwave, that throws the ovens into play.

Any other suggestions?

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So you want an Advantium, a single oven and a rangetop?

Or an Advantium and a range?

What size range or rangetop where you thinking?

And what is your budget?

A definite budget or "flexible" ?

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Well, I was looking for a recommendation more than "what I want" since I'm not sure. One KD said for our neighborhood and size of the kitchen we should have three ovens as the Advantium didn't really count as an oven, it was more a microwave. She said for resale a double oven was better, not that we want to resell for 20 years. I was thinking it would eliminate the need for a third oven/microwave which I'd have if I kept the double ovens and bought a microwave since I need a microwave. Another KD said you'd be surprised how much you could cook in the Advantium even though it is shorter than a regular oven.

I have a flexible budget but didn't want to be wasteful. Maybe there is a combo regular oven and steam oven? I've been intrigued by steam ovens or a steamer but don't know much about them. I was toying with 48" but am back to 36" because the budget keeps creeping up since I haven't nailed down how many ovens I need.


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The average American women has less than two children now but young people want to buy a "just in case" we have eight kid house and retired people want to buy a kitchen and dinning room "just in case" we have three dozen of our closest friends over for fine dinning. But I really think you should design a kitchen for your needs if not planning to move in the foreseeable future.

A steamer is expensive, takes up "12 of countertop space and serves one function. All steam ovens can be used as a of .convection oven. A Gaggenau steam oven has the option 0%, 30%, 60%, 80% or 100% steam. Temp range from 85 degrees to 450 degrees and you can roast a 15 lbs turkey. And it is plumbed so you don't have to fill a tank. Yet some people prefer the Wolf with water tank because it is .2 cu ft bigger.

Below in link NIB GAGGENAU BS261630 30" steam oven at half price with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Below in link is a 48" Capital Culinarian with four open 23k btu burners and two 12" grills. A huge 4.6 cu ft oven, a smaller but still full size 2.1 cu ft oven. Normally $10k but there is a damaged box but perfect condition model in link below for $6.3K

Advantium Small seed oven and microwave.
Gagg 30" electric oven capable of roasting 15 lbs turkey but better suited for baking and of course steaming veggies for large clan.

Culinarian huge oven capable of roasting the biggest turkey you can find in the store, a smaller gas oven for roasting a leg of lamb or other smaller jobs. 24" grill capable of giving you a great steak or grilling veggies at a lower temp. You can also place pots and pans on the grill. Plus those spectacular open 23k but burners that can provide very even heat.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Thanks Dee! Is the Gagg 30" electric that you mention in your above post a non-convection electric oven? Or is it the same one you were referring to above (NIB GAGGENAU BS261630 30") or w I only found the 200 series which was all convection combo steam If I have convection in the Advantium, I wouldn't need it in the 2nd oven. So maybe a plain electric oven function combined with steam would do (not sure if that exists)

We bake salmon with asparagus or other veggies a lot. Would you also use convection for that or do you think of convection in terms of baking pastries for evenness or large pieces of meat that would benefit from a much quicker cook time. The salmon doesn't take long to cook.

I will look at your cooktop links. For me, I'm a little wary of buying a large appliance on ebay. I had a bad experience when I tried to sell a small electronic device a while back.


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The only non- convection steam oven is the base Miele.

It has those damned MasterChef controls that makes it very difficult to control temp and steam % instead forces you to go through food menus and pick the closest thing to what you are making.

The Gagg is a far far superior machine IMO.

You could use convection for just about everything

But turning on the convection fan and element is optional, you don't have to use the convection feature to use a convection oven.

Some recipes specifically advise against it.

You can have a bad experience at a brick and mortar store.

If you prefert to pay top dollar locally that is up to you.

But since you said you did not want to be wasteful I searched for some bargains that might fit your needs.

I bought a Capital off of Ebay and Capital came to adjust the burners free of charge under warranty without problems.

Use your credit card through paypal. And you have your CC ,Paypal, and Ebay buyer protection to resort to if there is a problem.

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Thank you very much Dee! I am starting to warm up to the convection oven (pardon the pun).

I went to the Sears Outlet but didn't find anything A friend went to the CA outlet and got a deal on a high end induction cooktop. She said she's seen high end brands sold there occasionally. I think hers was new.

I tested the Thermador oven to ! 200 degrees and it did not feel hot on the outside. It didn't even feel unusually warm but it was warm when I opened the door. Maybe even back then, it was built so as not to burn to the touch from the exterior so they might not really be a hazard to 3 year olds

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I put in a wolf oven and a 240 monogram Advantium. Love the combo! They look like 2 peas in a pod

A2gemimi final reveal to see pictures.

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