modern vanity brand, can't remember name

naadimreJuly 10, 2013

hi all,

i was just informed that the duravit vanity that i ordered 3 weeks ago, will not be in until October 2013!! i'm trying to think of another brand that i had looked at with a similar aesthetic, but i just keep thinking Lavazza, which i'm pretty sure is a coffee brand! i'm fairly certain the name begins with an "L" and there may be a "v" or "z" in it too. i believe it was a Canadian based company.

any help would be greatly appreciated!! i am going nuts racking my brain :-/

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I think it's Lacava. I deliberated between a Duravit sink and a Lacava sink, so I knew right away!

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Laufen? Certainly a similar aesthetic (and price).

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definitely lacava! thanks marinagal! lee676, i did look at laufen too - they are very nice as well.

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