Great weekend

janet1_2007November 7, 2010

I have had a fabulous weekend,thrift shopping. first on Fri.night,I had to make a late nite wallyworld run to get stuff to finish up a project for a baby shower Sat. They had Halloween deco 75%off and I got 4 of the pumpkin dishes I had been lusting for and 4 little pumpkin votives. Then on the way to the shower sat, I stopped at a community thrift store and found a little brown squirel on an acorn dish(someone here found one like it earlier) afor $2, a med sized apocarthy jar for $1 6 salad plates with a yellow basket of flowers on them for >25 ea, and more halloween decos 3 larger pumpkin voitives @.25 es. 2 ghost candle holders @.25 ea, a larger ghost candle holder@.50, a little flying ghost@.25, and a little metal lantern@.25. Then this evening I rode to a neighboring town with DH to a tool store and got to stop at a GW. I found a new, still had the stickers on the bottoms of Pfaltzgraff RED RIBBONS, service for 4(16 pc) for $14. I had just looked at Tuesday Morning at the WINTERBERRY pattern, but couldn't bring myself to buy it. When I told DD, she said "Mom, what are you going to do with so many dishes?" I think she is about ready to have me committed to a mental hospital. Just had to tell someone who would understand my addiction. Janet

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janet...I had to go Google "Pfaltzgraff Red Ribbons"...they are pretty you are in the same boat as me...I collected "Pfaltzgraff Winter Frost" for my winter dishes & were sold from 2001 & discont. in 2006...I've tried to get a setting for 8..I have 5 so far. Luckily I bought lots of the serving pcs (50-75% off) after they were discont at Younkers.

Well, anyway, you got a TERRIFIC buy on the Red Ribbons...looks like they were sold from 1993 - you'll have fun looking for bargains too (if you want to add more)!

Great buys on your Halloween you post pics? I can't remember. Glad you had a fabulous weekend...& all of us are asked what you daughter asked you! Tee Hee! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I was cracking up reading that 'on the way to the shower' all the wonderful buys you got! Either you're a super fast shopper, or you just happened to plan that 'extra shopping time' !! lol That's me, whenever I'm in town and pass the local TS...I have to make time to peek in..never know what I might miss!
I always thought that Pfaltzgraff pattern was very pretty, and you did a Major score on those dishes. Lucky you.
I think your DD & Mine are of the same DD always shakes her head and rolls her eyes whenever I bring home new dishes..So, you're in good company here among all the 'Dish Addicts'...with >> no need to explain!


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What a fun weekend, and chock full of great buys! I'm really happy for you!

""Mom, what are you going to do with so many dishes?" I think she is about ready to have me committed to a mental hospital"
Then tell her you are planning to entertain there! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Great finds!!!! - love those little side trips you made - I think we all do that :D ....


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Jeanie, I wasn't familiar with the Red Ribbons pattern, but just thought it was soooo pretty. I didn't realize it was a discontinued pattern until I got home and tried to find it on the Pfaltzgraph website., but thats ok. I have other
Christmas dishes and if I find more that will be great, but if I don't that's ok too. I have enough to play with either way.
Jane, I planned an extra 30 min to shop on the way to the shower. It is just a little community run thrift shop and I don't usurally find much there, but I just hit it lucky Sat. Any time I go past a thrift store, I have to make time to stop. We passed a couple of
SA stores yesterday, but they are not open on Sun. I told DH the next time he needed something from the tool store, we would have to go on Sat.
Lyn, I sure wish you were closer to me, wouldn't we have a ball? Maybe sometime in the future when the CTS opens in Greensboro, we can plan a meeting there . I would love that!
Karen, I love thrift shopping. I was so happy with my finds. It is so much fun, never knowing what you are going to find. I passed up a pilgram couple yesterday, because it had chipped paint, and now I am mad at myself. They were done in a solid gunmetal grey and would have been so easy to "fix". They would have been great in a Thanksgiving centerpiece. O well, maybe another time. Janet

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Janet - where are you in NC?? - my sister, niece and I are going to Benson NC at the Interstates 95 and 40 interchange tomorrow to check out 4 or 5 thrift stores that we just found out were there. I am so excited.I am really excited about the CTS store in Greenboro - also found out there is a rather large wicker/dried silk flower warehouse place just off 40 in Hillsboro I think and also a stand alone Christmas store in the JR shopping center in Burlington(?) all right along Interstate 40 and easy to get to - so many places so little time :D I still want to go to Replacements Ltd in Greensboro - I am seeing a full day trip out that way - it would be wonderful to meet up :) .....


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What a fun weekend you had, and it sure sounds like you found lots of neat items to use in your tablescapes and vignettes. Will look forward to seeing pics when you use your new dishes. Really sounds like you have caught "the bug" and we are all really excited for you. ;o)

Lynne, it sure sounds like you are going to have some fun soon too. All those places you listed sound so fun, and "three or four" TS that you've not visited before--that's going to be some fun "treasure shopping" for sure!


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lynne, I"m up in the mountains(where it is cold- bur... I"m in West Jefferson right in the nw cornor of the state. I occasionally get to venture out of the county to neighboring towns in Va. and Tenn, and they all have pretty good thrift stores. I know where Benson is, my Ds and GKs live in Goldsboro. Maybe some time we can meet up and have a fun day. I would really love that. Janet

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Janet, I wanted to see what the Pfaltzgraff Red Ribbons pattern looked like, so I pulled it up on eBay. Holy Cow, did you ever get a buy on yours!! A 9" lunch plate was $25 plus $10 shipping. ONE plate! Someone had a set (I forgot how many pieces) that they said were worth $650 but they were selling them for $250. I skimmed thru some of the other pieces, the prices floored me. Guess these are VERY collectible!!

hugs, Karen

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You did well, Janet! That was a great price!

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