Gues what I FOUND?

janet1_2007November 22, 2010

Ok, all you enablers, I just had to tell you, I envied all your gorgous halloween decorating, and remember, I told you that I intended to have some by next fall? Well, my DH is going to be away for about 3 weeks, and so tonight I told him I wanted to take him out to his Fav resturant to eat. (Remember, it is right across the street from my fav GW) Of course I just had to look and see if there were any bargins. Weeeeel

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LOL Janet >> You're one 'smart cookie' picking out DH's favorite eatery right by YOUR favorite shopping spot!
I guess you picked the right night to go too.. seems your Good Deed to DH paid off with a Good Deed for you, with all the great Halloween stuff you found.
Now you've got to find out how to post those pics so we can see them. Sounds like you got some really neat things. As far as forgetting that you bought them...I was thinking of an idea for about taking next year's calendar, and putting a sticky note on that month, with a 'reminder' written on it.
Now with a GW being built'd better plan 'very thrifty' meals...cause I think I know where you're grocery money will be spent!! lol Lucky You..and yes Poor DH.


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Good for you, janet! Sounds like you got some real winners for Halloween! Nice of you to take DH to lunch, too! Need help with posting pics...can try & help if you want. Jeanne S.

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ohhhh, I definitely want to see the large haunted house you found! How 'convenient', LOL, your DH's favorite restaurant is right across from GW. You got some neat things, now just don't LOSE them like I did that darn pair of Pheasants for a while. I actually came across my list the other day telling me where they were stored! A bit late since I finally had found them. But there is definitely a downside to buying stuff that doesn't get stored WITH the right things. My pheasants were in with St Paddy's!

I hope they hurry up and get the GW built in your town.
That will be so much fun for you.
hugs, Karen

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Jane, that is a terrific idea to write on next year's calendar--at least I wouldn't misplace that--hopefully! ;o)

Janet, those all sound like really neat finds. Gosh, I thought GW's always went into already built, empty buildings! We must be buying lots for them to be able to afford to build! Oh well, lucky news for you. Better stock up on groceries now--cause you won't have much grocery money later! LOL


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Janet, you really do need to start posting pictures to share with us. You fit in so well here and we love to see what you find. So happy you found all these goodies and hope your new GW is wonderful when complete.


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