Toto Aquia Skirted Toilet

Sandpiper111July 9, 2011

I ordered the Aquia toilet for small bathroom. I looked at the Kohler Persuade as an option but decided against it because of Kohler proprietary parts. Toto also has generally good reviews. The new toilet is being shipped to me and installation will take place in two weeks. Any feedback on this toilet, including install recommendations would be very helpful. I know it's not an easy install but I will leave that up to my son in law! Anything on parts replacement for this dual flush toilet?

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Sorry, have no install tips as my GC did it for us three weeks ago. Note the Toto soft-close seat has been redesigned; it may be more durable (we shall see) but is certainly less comfortable than the original design. It's okay, but not great.

Toilet works VERY well. We have an older 2003 Toto Ultramax and I'd say the Aquia Dual-Max flushes more efficiently despite using less water. Unusual bowl design seems to stay cleaner than the Ultramax as well. Love the skirt!

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I'm glad to hear you feel it cleans better because I have heard mixed reviews but still made the purchase Most were pleased with the flush. I did purchase the soft close seat as well.. the one with the wider rim on the lid. To bad the seat is not up to par with the toilet . I wonder what other soft close seats would be a better option and would fit well also.

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jkom51: " Note the Toto soft-close seat has been redesigned ..."

Which of the many Toto soft-close seats is "the" Toto soft-close seat that has been redesigned?








Or one of the other Toto soft-close seat models?

They all differ one from another. They have different "dish" in the curve to the cut-out, different styling, and different designs around the hinge, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: An official Toto toilet seat page

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Sorry, have no idea which seat we have. The GC ordered it and took away the boxes for recycling.

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