Finally posting some Fall decor

luvstocraftNovember 16, 2010

I actually got all this up right after Halloween except for the garland I made for the mantel. Just slow about getting pictures taken and posted!

Here's the mantel. Found the cattails at Michael's for 70% off so only a couple dollars each. I need to find some fall colored vases for next year.

Here's the buffet, some of the things you will remember from my Halloween decorating--just moved them around.

These are some really great acorns Karen sent to me, and they are in the metal acorn bowl from Ms. Jaybird.

This little acorn guy was found at a craft show last year. I just love his sweet expression.

Love the decorations on the end table. My gold cloche was only a couple dollars on sale at Marshall's a couple year's ago. The little Indian squirrel came from our sweet Karen, and the other little squirrel candle holder was a find at the craft show OA and I met up at recently.

I have more to share but will do another post so as not to make this one too picture heavy.


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Luvs, your mantel turned out super. I really like your colored acorns. That little Indian Rabbit is so cute and so is the little squirrel with the candle on the leaf. Cute little ones in the cloches.

I always enjoy seeing your plates and the berry vines on your plate holders is a nice touch. That lg acorn is great and looks like a neat leaf plate.

Are you having Thanksgiving at your home? If so, the decoratings done.


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Fantastic mantel, Luvs. You did good buying all those you've got me very interested in doing something with an arrangement next year. I have a few but just added to other stuff. I luv yours alone.

Everything is set up so cute. By the way, I didn't send you a squirrel, LOL. That's the Charming Tails Binky Bunny. Called "Indian Imposter". I collect the CT bunnies, tho they sure have cute other critters!
What a cutie in the gold cloche! I bet the Acorn Elf is swooning over her. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Great stuff, Luvs! I am especially partial to your buffet display. That's a great tiered server and I love the berries, acorns, and squashes.... very appetizing. :) The critters and little people are cute too!

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I really like your mantle display, too, luvs...those ceramic pcs you have on it, the colors & those cattails are wonderful! But my fav is like party said, the buffet display...that tiered server & also the candles with the pumpkins...look great!

You've been busy & glad you got some pics taken...looks like you're ready for next week! Lots of cute little ones in your displays, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Your mantle is fabulous. The cattails are the perfect balance , everything else is so well put together and the little squirrel is tooo cute.
Job well done :).

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Your mantel looks very nice I love the garland your made for it. Everything is so whimsical. I just love it.

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You did a GREAT job...I love it all!!!
The indian mouse is McKenzie Mouse from Charming Tails!! My #3 GD's middle name is McKenzie, so I have been collecting those ( in different scenarios) for her birthday each year. Dean Griff's animals are amazing!
I think everything you have out is wonderful, but I am in love with your acorn perfect for you!
Good job GirlyQ,

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I think I've had acorns on the brain too much lately! Of course, the little indian guy Karen sent me is a BUNNY from Charming Tails! I love him so much, and even his little snail buddy is carrying an ACORN!

All of the Charming Tails critters are so cute--that will be a neat collection for your DGD Jaybird.

Glad you enjoyed seeing all the pics. I decorated outside too, but think it is all the same as last year. Just the scarecrows and leaf garlands on and around the front window and my crow lady by the door. My big crow lady is going to need some repairs soon. Her hat is starting to crumble and she's not very steady on her base anymore. I'll have to fix her up soon, she's one of my most favorite creations.


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JayB, I'd forgotten the Charming Tails main mouse was called McKenzie (and I have a granddaughter with that name too!! LOL. She's our youngest at 6.). I love all the CT critters, but to keep myself in control I decided to collect only the bunny (Binky) and have quite a lot of him now. Some elusive pieces I'm still trying to find on eBay at reasonable prices. But everytime I see the Mouse, or the raccoon, skunk, etc I am sorely tempted. There are 3 Binky bunnies for Fall and I have two. They are older pieces.

hugs, K

Here is a link that might be useful: some of my CT bunnies

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Absolutely love the little acorn boy, and your arrangement of acorns in that green bowl. Very balanced and nice buffet display, too.

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Karen, I looked through your collectibles again. I do believe you've added a few since the last time I looked! LOL Seriously though, you really do have some darling things. Good thing you have room for all those cabinets to keep the kitties away too.

Ladypat, I never thought much about acorns--they were just okay--then I started seeing so many in the tablescapes and vignettes on this forum and on the blogs and just got "acorn fever" or was it "acorn frenzy"????? I do want all of you to know however that I've become sorta picky now about my acorn treasures. Yesterday I stopped at the little Assistance Leaque TS and there was a gold metal candle ring with some acorns on it--just too "contemporary" or something--I didn't like it that much. And there was a couple of little plates that caught my eye because of the acorns on them--but when I looked closer there were bubbles and flaws in the glaze so I passed on them too. ;o) I'm realizing that I don't like the ones with lots of green, prefer the more traditional colors if that makes sense.


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Luvs, your acorn fever was very contagious if you remember.
LOL. I think several of us caught it.
I understand you becoming more 'selective' now. I think that happens often when we first start collecting, its so easy to want "more, more, more" and find our hot little hands reaching for anything and everything. Then later we probably wonder why we weren't pickier. But ya know, I think that's a good thing. Cause then when we thin our stash, we can gift it on to friends or donate it to charity, and everybody wins. (except our wallets maybe).
I went so nuts with rabbit collectibles before I discovered which ones I absolutely loved and the space I was losing to ones I just liked. I'm not usually into cutesy rabbits, except the Charming Tails Binky. My passion is the hares (LONG ears) and preferably brown bunnies. I don't mind some cute ones for Easter decor but not to actually collect.
So maybe next season you'll be sharing some of your acorn goodies with the less fortunate. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Your cattails on the mantel are so pretty. Everytime I pass cattails in the drainage ditches by the side of the road around here, I am sorely tempted to pick some. But I think you have to treat them somehow to keep them from breaking down. I really love those from Michael's.

When I opened your thread, I wondered how you would integrate your beautiful rose plates (I knew there would be some somewhere) into fall decor. You really did a great job--looks terrific. And of course all your acorns really shine this time of year.

- Magpie

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Your garland is so cute! I love all those circles (bubbles?) to give thanks! Oh and those small adorable characters under their cloche...

I just can't help myself but I LOVE your horses... always make me thing to merry-go-round - back to my childhood, once again, lol.

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Magpie, I'm glad you like my rose plates. Even though they don't really go with Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas, I just can't bring myself to take them down, so you will see them in all my buffet pics I'm afraid! LOL

Prosperity, glad you liked my garland. I also did a leaf shaped one that says Blessings that is in my family room. My "toy" Cricut sure makes things like that easier to do although I've seen many that were just cut out with scissors. One thing I discovered is that it's hard to make them not twist over--these are stuck to the mantel with little glue dots! Hey, where theres a will, theres a way, right???? LOL

Karen, I'm afraid I won't be over my "acorn fever" anytime soon. When I look at blogs, I totally "search" for acorns in their pictures, and I love and cherish all the acorn items my special friends have sent to me. ;o)


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They were definitely worth waiting for, Luvs! We have twin cardinals, I remember. Don't you just love them? Everything looks so fresh and pretty, but I absolutely LOVE, love, love your darling little acorn guys! They are the stars of the show, IMO. I'll bet that your DGD must have a great time at your house.

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I love the acorns Karen sent. Nice size!

You mantel is wonderful. I wonder if the cattails are still on sale. Need to make a trip to Michael's. That large cermaic pumpkin is gorgeous.

So pretty. (Your acorn guys are adorable.)

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Luvs - everything looks so nice - I really like your little critters. They add such a little touch of whimsy and make you smile when you see them. I got those cattails from Michaels also - when the autumn bushes were 99cents I bought several of every style - fantastic buy

I must say tho that the plates are what have me 'drooling' - I have been collecting plates with pink roses for my master bedroom which has a country Victorian theme .....


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Lynne, Country/Victorian is what I call my decor too. The country part is mostly items I've kept from my more country/primitive past, and the victorian part comes from my love of all things lace,roses,ribbons,pastels,etc. All my furniture is oak which is sort of out of style now--but I still love it and no way I will be replacing a whole housefull of furniture!

Magpie, I forgot to comment about you collecting cattails from the drainage ditches. I don't see them out here, but when we travel and I see them, I always want to stop and get some--but I'm afraid of two things. There might be a snake just hiding in that ditch or I might slip and fall in! LOL

Lynn, I love our cardinal on the acorn. I think I will spray some clear gloss sealer on mine to make him look more ceramic. Karen, didn't you say you did that with yours?

OA, that's my favorite pumpkin. The leaf has sort of a metalic looking glaze on it. Did you recognize the acorn guy in the gold cloche? He came from one of our craft shows too. Glad you "enabled" me to get the new little squirrel with the acorn candle holder even though he was that resin instead of ceramic--he's cute!


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Yep Luvs, when I got some of those cardinals last year I sprayed them with the gloss. What a difference! They don't get real shiny like other stuff does, but it sure brings out their colors a LOT better! I often spray matte figures with the gloss to make them look more like china or porcelain. I had shown a photo of one cardinal sprayed next to one not, but don't know if its still there to see.

hugs, Karen

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