LG Counter Depth FD Refrigerator...should I do it?

homebuyer23July 9, 2013

I am close to ordering the LG LFX25991ST 24.6 cu. ft. counter depth fd Ref.

I saw it in a showroom and really liked it and felt the storage seemed significantly larger than the Kitchen Aid 21 cu ft CD FD next to it. There are great deals on it right now too.

It has tons of 4.5&5 star reviews on every website I checked.

However, on GW I have come across old (very old, 2006-2008 I think) threads about dangerous fires in LG refrigerators. And I have read several times people referring to LG as one of the least reliable brands of refrigerators, recently.

So, just when I thought I had one decision made relatively easily...here I am paralyzed again!

Anyone have this & love it? Or have good reason to advise me not to purchase this LG refrigerator? I find it hard to argue with so many positive reviews on AJM, Lowes, etc...but, I'm still nervous!

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I, too, had my heart set on that fridge. It was a done deal until I went to place the order. My appliance guy begged me not to, and to get an E-lux instead. He said LG was just the devil to deal with on service issues. He did not even keep LGs on the showroom floor, though he said that if I insisted, he would order one for me.

The E-lux actually cost less, and had two ice makers. I followed his recommendation. I still don't know if I did the right thing. There were things I liked better about the LG. There was no big ice-maker eating up the upper left corner, and you got a little fold back shelf for tall pitchers. Small things, yes.

So I probably haven't helped you here. Just telling you what I was told. My appliance guy knew he was going to sell me a fridge, so would he mislead me? Dunno. Maybe stores make less on LG than E-lux. I like the E-lux, but I've already had one service call to adjust the tilt on the freezer compartment, but they came ASAP. And I really like that second ice maker. I like the many controls the E-lux has. It keeps things incredibly well. Time will tell, I guess.

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FWIW, here is my Electrolux. It is garnering some good reviews. There are also some rebates usually if you get it at a dealer other than a big box. I think I will be getting $150 back on mine, and the original price was just $2595 at my indie dealer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Counter-Depth French Door

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Following up on what MizLizzie reported, the annual Consumer Reports membership surveys report that LG and GE are dead last in reliability in the first five years of ownership. GE outsourced its refrigerator production for several years and those fridges (apparently sourced from LG among others) had major quality control issues. For several years, 1 in 5 LG or GE fridges could expect to have a major problem in the first five years of ownership. In the most recent survey (for fridges bought from 2007 to 2012), they've gotten the defect rate down from 20% to 16%.

To get a sense of LG's issues with warranty service, have a look at www.consumeraffairs.com.

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Thanks, JWVideo. Glad to know my trust in my appliance guy was not misplaced. Of all the appliances I chose, the LG fridge was the only one he quickly and firmly nixed, even though I was bypassing his high-dollar lines (Wolf, Viking, etc.) in favor of good old Bosch and Electrolux.

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If you go online to Home Depot and Lowe's both... look at the LG refrigerator reviews. Very few people give positive reviews on them. I ended up purchasing a French Door Samsung 29.5 cf at Home Depot. Some reviews I think you have to take with a grain of salt, human error causes some problems, I think anyway. I did do my research and found most reviews on Samsung positive and the sales lady at Home Depot told me they have less returns of Samsung refrigerators then any other. She said LG's were what was returned the most. Samsung does have a very nice looking counter depth model also... might want to check it out. Extended warranties are a very good price at either Home Depot or Lowe's.

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Thank you everyone.

MizLizzie, how is your E-Lux water dispenser? One of the only bad things I read about the LG is that the water comes out warm. That would really bother me since I really don't like seeing the water ice dispenser on door and almost was going to go without one but decided we use that feature too much to let it go. Our GE water comes out nice and cold now...when it works!

I don't know what to think, I agree the consumer affairs website makes LG sound awful but I typed in E-Lux, and Viking and they sound awful too. I'm assuming only people with problems take time to post on consumer affairs website.

This particular LG has tons of good reviews...80+ 4/5 star reviews on both Lowes and AJ Madison and I think 100+ 4/5star reviews on Home depot. That seems like a pretty convincing sample size to me The e-lux has all 5 star on AJM, but theres only 4 reviewers. It also had only 1 review on HD I think & it was a 1 star!

Ugggghhhh.. analysis paralysis! I guess Ill start checking out Samsung now...

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Sorry, homebuyer23! The E-lux water is indeed tepid. It is one thing I don't like. Our old p-o-s Frigidaire had ice cold water. Of course, that was the only thing still working on it . . .

You can look at the Samsung but unless something has changed, the LG has the most space and best layout of the group. Also, FWIW, Kenmore sells (or did sell) their version of that LG, if I'm not mistaken. At times it will be cheaper, and it came in white and black, too, IIRC.

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Many foreign makers, especially those based in Korea, seem to regard their low price as the line in the sand. No extended relationships over a few "lemons" are going to be entertained unless lawyers get involved. And their attitude seems to be catching on with some domestic producers as well.

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The Samsungs, at least the models I've seen, all have the produce drawers bump into the edge of the doors as you pull them out. For that reason, I got the LG 32.5cf -- fine so far, but it has only been in for a couple of months, and we are not really using it yet (haven't moved back in).

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Ugh, attofarad, I noticed that on the sales floor but when I pulled the fridge forward a bit so the doors could open fully they cleared so I didn't give it much more thought and went ahead and ordered one. Now you've got me afraid this is going to drive me nuts!

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Food and Attofarad, the ge's are worse. Both sides of the FD fridge have to be open in order to open the large deli drawer.
Homebuyer, we, too, saw that lg model for the first time last weekend, and LOVED it. It is so hard to see an actual counter depth model in the stores in this area. In fact the only other one I've seen is a KA. I did find it odd that the salesman helping us asked if we had considered a Samsung, right after we oohed and aahed about the LG. Have you made any headway, yet?

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My parents have the LG FD counter depth and they HATE it! The drawers come off their tracks at the slightest provocation and are impossible to get back on. The shelves are not adjustable (not easily anyway) so no tall pitchers or bottles. It's probably 5 years old, so maybe the newer models are better. And I'm sure operator error is part of their problem, but they do hate it.

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I too am now considering the LG LFX25991ST. I too suffer from appliance shopping paralysis. I am at the wire as to making the decision as I must let my contractor know my appliance dimensions for the plans. I think to the best of my research so far that if I'm going to buy a freestanding fridge and the max size I can get is a 36" ...then this is the one. It's all a big crap shoot anyway isn't it?

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I'm another vote against LG refrigerators. I'm not trying to dash your dreams on a beautiful fridge. It's a very beautiful looking appliance. I'm just warning you that it could turn into a nightmare.
This is from a few yrs ago, apparently the newer models are just as cheaply made.

Here is a link that might be useful: it's a long list :(

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At HD and llGreggg, salesmen pointed out difference in LG and Samsung was size of ice maker, so think about your needs.

At an appliance store, saleswoman encouraged me to buy the GE PYE23PSD over the Jennair.

Now, KD says I should get a full size, so I am shopping in next few days. Samsung and LG sold at the big box stores, and not the appliance stores. I will try Sears, as they carry LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, and GE.

Not easy.

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Just an update that I decided to go with the Samsung counter depth.
The thought of water not coming out cold totally turned me off of LG & Elux....I stressed about whether to do water filtration in my sink & decided Id do it in the REF to avoid traffic at my only sink. We are all constantly filling up water and I'd hate to be stuck with warm water. Obviously that might not even be a problem but I read it a couple times about those brands so it turned me off. Of course I also read the Samsungs comes out cold, but slow...ugh!

I ordered it on a whim, I don't even need it yet, but Saturday night AJ Madison had it at a ridiculously low price, put it in the cart & it went down to $1799 I think...!! Usually its around $2500 on sale. It was a one day sale, that night at midnight the price really went back up. So, anyone considering it, keep an eye on it, the price really fluctuates. Same with the LG one actually, I saw that as low as $2,100 one time, but it goes up & down.

I hope I like it, as boogiemama said, its really all a crap shoot.

Now, if ONLY I could make a DW decision! Totally paralyzed there.

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Just my findings through research (and I've reached research overload and paralysis!)...J D Power rates the following as the top three brands customers are satisfied with: Sub-Zero, Samsung, LG. Whirlpool is above avg. KitchenAid is below avg. GE is at the bottom.

LG has a 7 to 10 yr warranty on its "sealed system," which I THINK means the compressor. LG has a different kind of compressors than the other brands.

There aren't that many places that service LG. I live in a big city, and there is only one authorized service center near me. There is another one in a suburb. Next, there is one in some small town miles from me. Whereas, I would bet there are a LOT of auth. service centers for Whirlpool and other brands. There are a lot of complaints out there about LG's service. My review of big box store customer reviews showed me a lot of highly rated LG fridges. Very few highly rated GEs. Some highly rated Whirlpool/Maytags.

Samsung gets high customer reviews, but sadly for me. almost no Samsungs of reasonable cf will fit in my space. Samsungs are larger than most other fridges.

LG fridges are generally a smidgeon shorter than other fridges, so there are more LGs that will fit in my space. More efficient use of space? For the same cf, I can get an LG that's a tad shorter, a tad less deep, and the same width as a Samsung or Whirlpool or whatever.

There also seems to be this thing with a wide pantry drawer, which steals space from the veggie/fruit bins. I need the normal to deep veggie/fruit bins and would not use a pantry drawer. That lets out most french doors for me, and forces me to stick with single door units.

It's very confusing. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just find one I like the looks of, fits in my space, and has the cf I need, and get it. I may or not get a lemon. There are complaints for every brand out there, and a "I'll never buy another [insert name of any brand here] again" review for every brand I've seen.

BTW, post above is correct....GE and then LG have the highest repair record for bottom freezers WITH AN ICEMAKER, while Whirlpool and Kitchenaid and Maytag have the fewest. For bottom freezers w/o an icemaker, Kenmore and then LG have the fewest repairs, while GE and Amana have the most. (I guess that means it's the icemakers that are the problem with LG; since I wouldn't be using an icemaker, I wonder if that means LG would be reliable?)

For side by sides, the brands with best reliability are Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung. The least reliable is LG.

It's very confusing.

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I had in the last two weeks , firemen here and then I paid $300 to fix my refrigerator and then the week after (Wednesday that just passed), the light bulb plastic melting and my refrigerator went up to 72 degrees and climbing. This seems to be a problem with the LG model I bought in January 2007 that is a French Door with only water on the door and ice in the freezer. I will let everyone know my results in dealing with LG tomorrow as they had a class action suit against them on my model and it has a silent recall so they have to fix it. But I see that out of the USA, they offered 50% off a new model. My refrigerator is only 6 years and 8 months old and I am single so I do not abuse it and it looks new but the damage has caused bubbling in the top plastic liner inside the refrigerator and charred connectors. I really am afraid of a fire. I read that someone's refrigerator (my model) did this same thing after 1.5 months of owning the refrigerator and it felt like 200 degrees in his refrigerator he said and the onion dip was bubbling and boiling. It seems that LG is now learning from their mistakes and using LED bulbs in their refrigerators with new compressors so maybe this problem hopefully not happen again. I am so glad I was home to unplug the refrigerator. Just sharing..... Will let you all know if LG works with me. They will not reimburse me the almost $300 repair fee when the wires burned up the prior week but they will cover the damage from the plastic and give a new mother board as they are being forced to due to the silent recall from the class action suit. I really prefer to get rid of this fire hazard I have in my house rather than get it fixed again. I lost so much food both times it happened.

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Bumping this thread up as I am not wanting to fix my LG as I am afraid of a fire as I am sure they are going to install the same 60 watt hot bulbs back into my refrigerator. LG should really replace the lighting with the LED lights they are using in their newer refrigerators so the problem will not repeat itself after repairs.

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LG did come and fix my refrigerator as they were forced to by a class action lawsuit in 2010 against them. My refrigerator was 6 years & 8 months old so now it has my expensive prior week repair (new Relay Switch almost $300 plus lost a full refrigerator of food and hours of my time) and now just a week and two days ago, I got a new motherboard (maybe this is the circuit board?) and a new housing but they came with no light bulbs to test out the refrigerator and told me to use 40 watt bulbs and not the recommended 60 watt bulbs. I am afraid to fill the refrigerator since after one week of fixing it (motor was burning), the housing unit was melting and the temperature went up to 72 degrees and climbing. I am still watching it to be sure it is safe to fill at least partially as I can't afford to lose my third full refrigerator of food.

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