Soapstone Sink in Production

enduringJuly 21, 2013

Hi, last year I made a soapstone sink for my "east" bathroom. I said I'd not do that again. But when I started planning the "west" bathroom I just figured I had the hard part done with the first sink learning curve. I also wanted an 18" vanity and it was difficult finding a sink for it. Though if this sink doesn't work out I will once again look for an under mount vanity sink.

Last years sink:

This years plan:

Pieces of this years sink:

The stone is harder than last years stone. If you look close you can see sharpie pen marks. Thats because of my tried and true technique; measure twice, lay it out three times, decided to change it four times, then put little "x's" on all the lines that I don't want to cut, then cut. NOTHING took those extra lines off the stone. I will have to sand them off.

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You gotcha some mad skillz there, Mizz Enduring. And I ain't not jess talkin' bout yer skillzaw skillz.

Keep the photos coming.

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Thanks mongoct :) I hope to have this sink done by next week. I have to fit a job in there. I will keep this thread updated with pictures throughout the process. I also have to find some stronger grinding stuff. The stone is almost too hard to work with the tools that worked well with the other 2 soapstone projects.

This new bath is leaning toward modern & I got my carpenter, Brett, back. I'm so happy about that. He did the vanity in the top picture last winter. He was unavailable early in this new project. The carpenter I did hire didn't work out. I called Brett for a recommendation and he said his schedule opened up. First carpenter had too many irons in the fire and seemed to have difficulty setting limits. He did good work though, and it was easy for Brett to follow. I called first carpenter last week and updated him on my progress and invited him over to see when it's done. We are on good terms.

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Can't wait to see the new sink!!!!

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enduring-I think you need to have a soapstone party and invite all of us soapstone lovers to view your completed projects. I so love the other sink you made. It sounds like this ss is a different batch/kind if it is so much harder?

I'm with mongoct-keep us updated with you pics. Those of us who are truly un-DIY'ers love to see what you guys do.

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Wow, enduring!! I had no idea you made that first really lovely soapstone sink. I am very impressed with your talent. I'm really looking forward to seeing your latest creation.

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I see a new, very successful business in Enduring's future. Sheesh, that's just...crazytown. So, so, so impressive!

I USED to feel proud of my DIY skills. You are just knocking those bathrooms out like nobody's business. BAM! Another one. Go, go, GO, girl!

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Thank you all for the support. I like working with soapstone once it gets into manageable sizes. This current stone is hard and I don't know how it will work with my current tools. I need to do sanding and squaring up before I rout the dado & rabbet joints. Last night DH gave me the angle grinder so I could take off some extra material. Of course DH didn't have a blade that would work. I went into the Woodsmith Store today but they don't carry these angle iron tools. I guess that's why its called the Woodsmith Store. But I got some excellent help from one of the employees on grinding concrete. He was so much help. The manager who was so helpful last year when I was doing the first sink took time out to talk too. Today I got a backup router bit because I just don't know if I'll be able to cut this stone with the used bit from last year.

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