New to this forum - Y'all are dangerous to my bank acct! ;-)

OrchidOCDNovember 28, 2011

Hello All,

Not new to GW, but wandered over here from the Dec forum, and wanted to thank you all for the gorgeous pictures in the inspiration gallery. With over a dozen bins to haul out of the attic each year, I thought I was 'set' for Christmas decorations...and then I found this forum! Of course, I had to take a trip or two to Michael's after seeing your gorgeous pics... I (and Michael's) thank you for all of your inspiration photos and posts...looks like I'll be buying more bins at the after-Christmas sales. ;-) Just wanted you to know that you've influenced one lurker, and there's likely 1000's more who have also been influenced. Happy Holidays, all!

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Welcome Orchid to the Holiday Forum or as we like to call ourselves 'Enablers-R-Us'. You will learn pretty quickly that we LOVE pictures - so get your decorating shoes on and then show us what you have done :).....


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LOL, Orchid ...if you already had a dozen or so bins, then you surely will join the 'Enablers R Us' group here quicker than Jack Robinson!

Of course, if you can, please share pics, like lynne said above. Coming out of lurkdom is only the 1st step...tee hee! Jeanne S.

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Hi, Welcome, and PLEASE come back and let us know about your decorating.
You sound like you've made Michaels VERY happy! LOL. They are a dangerous store for me to go in, so I understand. Luckily the Forum made me discover great places like Goodwill and thrift stores, and Dollar stores.
I am always amazed at what I can find. My local GW puts out Christmas a lot of the year and I've found some great things super cheap. Even Mikasa Santas for my collection!
I need to get over my shyness and do yard sales too.
NOOOOOOOO, wait, I don't need to buy more. I am donating quite a lot this year. The last few days have been sorting
bins into Keep and Donate.
So I need to enjoy Michaels goodies thru what you've bought...please share pix if you can.

Like Jeanne said, coming here is only Step ONE. (our 12 step program sort of works BACKWARDS, hence our being the Enablers R Us.)

hugs, Karen

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I also Welcome you! It sounds like you are really going to enjoy visiting with us.


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Marlene Kindred

My condolences fell into the same trap that I did! LOL This is a really creative group of folks here and I'm sure you'll find lots of new things to do at your house. I am always amazed at all of the beautiful decorations and table settings!

Welcome to the group!

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oh oh Orchid, you're in trouble now! I only come out of hiding around Christmas time, and I think I've grown by about 4 large bins since I happened on this bunch!

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Orchid, so glad to have another one joining us! Welcome and I too hope you will share pictures. This is such a warm, fun, lovin' bunch here. We're also a little crazy at times.


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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I look forward to becoming a trainee 'Enablers R Us'! I will definitely post pictures, just as soon as the stuff in the Michael's bags currently spread out on my DR table have been wreathed, swagged, ornament basketed, ribboned... you know, basically frou-frou'ed! :-)

(Note to self - yes, turns out I do have to wait for the weekend to finish the DR chandelier, because by the time I get home from work it's dark, and since it's the only light in the room those flame bulbs get HOT, and no, I'm not dexterous enough to swag it, ribbon it, etc and not get burned...) Ahem... so, pics targeted towards the weekend. ;-)

Karen - you've got me hooked with the thought of Mikasa holiday figurines at thrifts! Jeannespines, I'm now thinking I need some more snowmen! Marlene - scary! I was just thinking I might need to search out a deal on holiday tableware....slippery slope, isn't it?!

Really happy to be here, all - thank you again for the warm welcome!

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Orchid, it sure sounds like you were 'destined' to find us.
LOL. "wreathed, swagged, ornament basketed, ribboned... you know, basically frou-frou'ed!" Oh boy, we are going to have some fun seeing the goodies you bought and all your decorating. I think all of us are photo-obsessed here, and hope you enjoy our Inspiration albums too.

Definitely check out thrift shops and GW, you might be quite surprised at the goodies to be had. Our Luvs calls it "treasure shopping", and I have to agree.

Pdg, glad to have you back with us again. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Thanks, Karen. It's the most wonderful place to be during the most wonderful time of the year with the most wonderful folks!

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Welcome Orchid! You have found the bestest group of people on the web. Better buy more bins then you think you will need. We are not just about the Christmas holiday! Heck, we make up holidays just so that we can decorate every day of the year!!

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Nice to have another obsessed decorator in the group! Welcome Orchid, I know you will have fun sharing your decorating pics with us. Pdg, glad to see you back again, can't wait to see what you are going to share with us this year. Luvs

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Orchid, I was browsing last night...its a favorite place of mine to buy from. They run it like eBay,
tho no Paypal. You pay by credit card, and I've bought from them for years with NO problems at all. Many GWs across the country list on there. And the items are always packed so well and safely! Anyway, last night I saw this Mikasa piece, which I already have. There is also tealight holder listed. You can do a search on the site and just type in Mikasa. I usually browse the seasonal category, and the collectibles one, during my sleepless nights. I love this site. LOL.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Mikasa Santa sleigh

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Here's the tealight Santa.
Mikasa is no longer making their lovely things, tho the Lenox will continue as far as I know. But I collect the white with (real) gold trim Mikasa holiday things, so its sad no more will be made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mikasa tealight Santa

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Oh, Karen - you've now sparked a new obsession for me! I had no idea Goodwill had a site - I can see I'll be up another two hours or so perusing it - I'm there! Thank you so much for the tip - off to search Mikasa now. :-)

Thank you, also, to Maximaswife and Luvs for the welcome - very glad to be here!

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Orchid, Welcome, you have no idea what has happened to you, LOL
This forum FORCES you to go shopping and
buy things you never knew you needed before, LOL

B-4 this site I only had 2 sets of dishes and never knew I was going to become a dishaholic,(thanks a lot Karen!)

You are going to love playing with the group here! But it does require lots more shopping, and picture taking! I used to have spare time, not anymore!


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