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minnie_txFebruary 27, 2013

The last two or three days I've ben getting an annoying popup to install it I've tried and it goes to a certain point and then just sits there the screen showing gives the option to quit. I cant find anything in my programs How can I get rid of this annoyance I have WP if that helps any

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You have to be patient when it comes to Flash updates. They sometimes take an unusual amount of time to configure.

As an alternative you could save the download to your system, close all open windows including browsers, and then install from the stored location. This protocol does alleviate the reference of the dedicated browser referred to by RC.


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Thanks everyone Raven I'm scared I dont know about fixing things like you all said I'll have to think about it.hope I dont have to call in a geek squad

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Everyone who has Flash installed has gotten that update message in the past few days.

There's nothing to worry about or investigate, it's safe. Just click "OK".

You'll keep getting the message until you do the update.

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I got a message from Secunia that Adobe was patched. I assume I got the update. I like Secunia because it updates things automatically.


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I was afraid to do any of the suggestions. Yesterday I noticed I dont get that message anymore.
I'm thinking that maybe during one of the automatic updates that happen and turns my computer off and restarts it that whatever I did before got activated and it downloaded,. Thanks all

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